Hey guys!!

I know I am late to post this but I have been busy!

For this year’s reflections the A-Z blog has actually given us questions to answer if we don’t really know what to write! So I’m just going to pick up a couple of questions and do just that!

Oo and my winner badge has already been proudly displayed on my home page!

And this page— contains ALL the chapters/letters for the series and has been updated!!!

Moving on to the questions!

Give consideration to how the A to Z Challenge impacted your blog and view your stats+comments

(combining a couple of questions cause why not)

As always, the A-Z challenge, challenges me (xD) to write consistently and write something that has some quality content. Be it in 2018, 2020 or this year, I am proud of my mind for bringing these fictional ideas to life!

My blog definitely has had a lot of views. More than Jan’s Bloganuary and A-Z 2018. So that’s a good thing!

This year around the comments have been dwindling.. probably because I haven’t been visiting a lot of new blogs! Just a bunch of the regular readers and a few new blogs! Hopefully I can visit a bunch during the road trip!

Most Viewed post- Anguish

Least Viewed post- Zing


What a full circle

What gave you the idea for your Challenge Theme, if you used one?

I did in fact use a theme, which I announced in my Theme Reveal

All I knew for this series is that I wanted a way to depict a lot of my deep, somewhat philosophical thoughts. I wanted to be vulnerable and honest and that’s exactly how my characters have been painted.

This year’s challenge has been deeply, deeply inspired by The Midnight Library– Matt Haig (Cannot recommend this book enough)

It has also been extensively influenced by a bunch of real life events (lol, did you see that coming?) and real life conversations

The character’s personality traits have also been extremely influenced by real life friends and the person I am around them.

Did any blogs you visited in the Challenge make a lasting impression on you?

Like I said before, I only visited my regular blog friends and only a couple of new ones.

But here is the list

A from Enchanted Words- A song for the day which depicts his mood/ the story/poem he writes!
K from The Writing- Three randomly generated words spun into a beautiful tale/poem
Sandra from What Sandra Thinks- A series of stand alone meet cutes (so so very heart-warming 🥵)
Aaron from The Confusing Middle- A random word incorporated into his fictional tale set in the DC universe
Janet from Janet's Smiles - Three date ideas for each letter!!! (a lot of work!)
T from Giggling Fatties- Very short posts on Disney Characters!
James from Planet Pailly- All things Space 😍😍😍
JR Vincente from JR Vincente- Interesting snippets of a story set in a post-apocalyptic dinosaur world. (Warning not for kids 😏)
Mrs Fever from Temperature Rising- Twenty(Six) questions

New blogs I visited-

Anuradha from Mom and Ideas- A superhero story, with each sentence starting from the Letter of the day!!!!
Afshaan from The Pensive- A random list of things that make her happy
Dr Tanya from Salted Caramel- Elements of Crime Fiction
George from George's Guinea Pig World- A list of favourite things told by the guinea pig's POV (super super cute!)
Linda from The Curry Apple Orchard- A fictional story about a young girl set in the 70's.
Eliza from Finding Eliza- A hypothesized version of her life during the US 1950 Census
Anstice from Curious Daydreams- Favourite quotes by an Author
Did any dreams or goals you set come to fruition during this April Challenge?

One of my goals was to experiment with different mediums of writing. For example, instead of saying my character wrote ‘xyz’ in a letter, I wanted to depict the letter and it’s contents.

Safe to say, I have successfully explored and depicted different mediums, such as Letters, Diary entries, Text messages and even Blog posts (I tried really hard to make it look like a blog, but in the end had to break the elements down for it to appear on my blog. You can take a look here, if you want)

A n y w a y

This concludes 2022 A-Z Challenge

Hopefully I find the time and interest to Blog hop!

Thank you everyone for commenting on my posts and encouraging me. It really means a lot!

Lots of Love,


22 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. You did well to answer those questions and come up with some statistics. What a varied presentation you gave us over the 26 episodes. Well done to complete the A to Z for 2022. See you next year, I hope.


  2. Thanks so much for the kind mention. I didn’t acknowledge anybody in my reflection but I’m hoping to be able to get through the road trip and maybe do another post about folks then. So much actual work is keeping me busy, but that’s a good thing.

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  3. Ur experiments and story all worked. U did come out with flying colors…..grt reflections post..thanks for mention…in my post I just archives all the blogs I read for my reference 🙂 to the hits visits and comments I just didn’t know how to check may b the blogger views is a way to do that ?! Anyhow hav a grt time…

    Liked by 1 person

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