A-Z Theme Reveal

Hey guys

It’s been a while.. I’ve been busy trying to write for the A-Z and a bunch of other things!

I also kept postponing the reveal because I wasn’t really where I wanted to be with my writing.. but I can no longer push it, cause today’s the last day!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about- here is their website, that explain all their rules and deadlines! If you did end up doing your theme reveal very early, you should know there is a google form to be filled up. So don’t forget to do that!

Coming to my theme, okay it’s imperative to mention that the underlying theme is SAD.

Consider this your official warning. If you are looking for something happy or easy going, this is not it. This series may or may not affect you, but if you are truly reading it you are bound to question things and probably even feel things. It is all fictional of course.. but there is a healthy dosage of reality seeped in.

Another reason why I’ve been putting off this reveal. With this series, I feel another level of vulnerability is being exposed.. and that is not something I’m overtly comfortable with.

Actual synopsis:

Some of us, we live our lives with a fear that we are imposters. That we don't really belong and that how much ever we try, we will always be outsiders.  Most of us are scared to be revealed as imposters, some more than relieved. But what happens when you have your person? You're very own human version of hot chocolate on a cold day? 

How would you feel if they got to see the true you?

This series focus on two women, Xavia and Valerie. They've been each other's "person" for a long time now. But how well do you really know someone? Can you ever really know anyone fully?

Come be a part of their journey as they realise how similarly different these 2 incredibly close friends are. Watch them navigate their lives and deal with the consequences of their actions. 

Okay, I don’t know if that was a convincing synopsis but I’ll know if I see you on April 1st!

This year not only marks my return to the A-Z (I missed out in ’21) but also I’m super pleased to say that 2 of my very close friends are also taking part in this challenge, for the first time ever! (because of me xD)

A from Enchanted Words is writing about his favourite songs and a story/poem/whatever along with it. He’s also mostly making a Spotify playlist comprising of all of these songs, so keep a look out for it on his blog! This is his theme reveal post, go check it out!!!

K from The Writing is going to generate three words using a random word generator and spin into a beautiful tale! Make sure to go see his theme reveal post!!!

I am kinda excited for my fourth year of A-Z (though I didn’t finish in 2019). But mostly nervous cause, my 2020 series was a major improvement from 2018 and hence the pressure for 2022. Eeeeee


See you real soon!

Dream ❤


A is for Anguish

All my posts for this year’s challenge can be found here

25 thoughts on “A-Z Theme Reveal

  1. This sounds really interesting. I can’t wait to read! Try not to put so much pressure on yourself. This year will be my 7th time doing the A to Z challenge, but I don’t really think each year was better than the last. I think some themes went better for me than others. I’m excited for this year, though! Good luck to you. ♥

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