Hi Remember me? I don't xD More on that later. Happy New Year! I am only 23 days too early! The future plans I mentioned here.. well they happened With it, she brought along massive amounts of change and stress. But that's to be expected right? So why am I here, now? Well it's my … Continue reading Hiemal


Hey everyone! Back here with a lot more words.. I guess third time really is the charm. Firstly, let's address the title. This is a new word for me. I learnt it 5 seconds ago when I was hunting for a word that could capture the feeling of secrecy and ambiguity and also be a … Continue reading Recondite


Hey I know it's been forever. I just didn't have the words I don't think I still do Up until now I think I have been very numb and its hard to write when you are I feel extremely lost, a month ago my future plans felt through, more accurately- delayed. But my overthinking mind … Continue reading Pain


Don't some things painstakingly remind you of things that you don't want to be reminded of? Things that remind you of them. Memories you shared. The places you used to visit together. The things you used to talk about. Common interests. Songs you listened together. Late night conversations. Long phone calls. Favourites. Why is that … Continue reading Hurt