Don't some things painstakingly remind you of things that you don't want to be reminded of? Things that remind you of them. Memories you shared. The places you used to visit together. The things you used to talk about. Common interests. Songs you listened together. Late night conversations. Long phone calls. Favourites. Why is that … Continue reading Hurt


Pain, Anguish and Loneliness. It has a way of finding us. It's like a creepy stalker lurking in the corner waiting for the right moment to pounce on us. Guilt, Regret and Baggage. Always suppressed inside. Never expressed out loud. Heavily and deeply settled inside surfacing up from time to time. Hatred, Jealousy and Anger. … Continue reading Tenebrosity


Maybe there's someone some where out there hoping against all odds that you fall for the wrong person. Or Maybe there's someone some where far far away praying that something that is so right may appear wrong. Something that has light hidden deep inside appears dark. Maybe we're all just pawns in a game. Maybe … Continue reading Maybe