Toxic relationships

Don’t some relationships just hurt? It could be of any kind.
You don’t really understand that person or you can’t really leave because that person makes you feel guilty.. you’re like in a fix. Read on to find my experience with it… Continue reading Toxic relationships



via Daily Prompt: Succumb Maybe I succumbed to the injuries Maybe I succumbed to loneliness Maybe I did succumb to the pain But Darling you should know, you could never make me succumb to you Powerful and blaring as you might be, you never really got to know me So then tell me how could … Continue reading Succumb


Life could be a mirage or a mirror Either way it is transient Sending you shivers Making you doubt if it is real. Believe it as a mirage Then enjoy it while it lasts Cause when you jump into reality Dont forget to know who you really are. Believe it as a mirror Laugh and … Continue reading Believe

Your Eyes…

A letter to the owner of those beautiful eyes, I love you, I have always loved you. You disappeared leaving me alone, making me face a hundred eyes. Always have looked down and then you came into my life like a storm picked me up, undressed my fears, showed me who i could truly become … Continue reading Your Eyes…