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I fell for you like how the moon falls for the sun. I fell for you like how the fire attracts the moth. I fell for you like how the black compliments the white. I fell for you like the dark that brings out the light. I fell for you like the autumn leaf from… Continue reading Falling.

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Stop being kind to me This is not how it's supposed to work Then oh darling Stop reading into his words.   My mind's going crazy While his heart is split into two Then why oh why would he drag me into it?   But now it seems like it was never divided into two… Continue reading Words



So yeah I know I totally completely disappeared even before I could finish the challenge, sorry I was going through some things. It's been a long time since I sat down to write and many times in between I felt guilty. Guilty for not being able to finish the challenge. Guilty for not coming back… Continue reading Hey