Tis the season

Heyy! I hope you are doing good. What about me? Oh you'll know now. This is going to be another one of my rants 🤷‍♂️🙆‍♀️ I love love December! The city is so beautifully decked up and everywhere you look you can the lights and smile on people's faces. All my friends are home. My… Continue reading Tis the season

Self Care

Hi It's been one hell of a week. The amount of stress I have is through the roof. Why you ask? Well because my very wonderful genius Uni has decided to conduct examinations offline. Yes off-the-line. On campus. I just can't. The stupidity of some people *sigh* So welp yup I am going to die,… Continue reading Self Care

Can you just-

Heyy! Firstly.. I'm jumping up with joy and also definitely probably crying.. I hit 400 followers!!! https://media.giphy.com/media/KB7Moe2Oj0BXeDjvDp/giphy.gif So happpyyy :0 Anyways jumping to today's post. Can you just GET OFF YOUR PHONE? Don't get me wrong, I also love Instagram and Snapchat as much as the next teen that reads this post. (Haha, I can… Continue reading Can you just-