Yesterday while I gazed at the Turquoise Tides A wave of nostalgia hit me. The Faded glory of our luminous past Came crawling right back. Blackberry skies and Rain Eachtime we touched. Stardust and Sparkles Each time we kissed. Thunderstorms and Lightening Every time we are apart. How could I have been so naïve? How… Continue reading Storm



If all this is based on that spark between us Then it's all going to go down just as quickly as it started It'll all be gone before you can blink or breathe a sigh of relief. Cause that's what a spark is for Sparkle Shine Shimmer and Die. And all that magic we had… Continue reading Spark



When she cried The clouds opened up and poured. It was the gentle pitter patter. When she screamed out loud with pain Thunder roared, echoing her screams. When she was breaking down, wailing and shuddering A thunderstorm took over, threatening to destroy everything. A hush here, a hush there consoling herself by watching her creation.… Continue reading Creation



An unfamiliar sound beats in my heart Shivering with fear Drenched in insecurities Engulfed by pain. An overwhelming desire to scream Memories crashing by Stinging tears cascading down All around pin drop silence. What's it to you, you don't understand me And to even think to yourself that you love me How could you possibly,… Continue reading Blind



My first thought of the day My last memory for the day Its you, it's you. Ear to ear smiles and small glimpses. Unseen touches and merry laughter. Loud conversations and soft whispers. Deep breaths and heartyful sighs. Constant bickering and immediately making up. It's you, it's you. It always involves you. What have I… Continue reading You



So yeah I know I totally completely disappeared even before I could finish the challenge, sorry I was going through some things. It's been a long time since I sat down to write and many times in between I felt guilty. Guilty for not being able to finish the challenge. Guilty for not coming back… Continue reading Hey