A-Z 2018

Theme:  The Adventures Of Leo 

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Trouble follows Leo where ever he goes. He hasn’t had one peaceful holiday till date. Something always happens. But Leo never complains.

This time things aren’t the same. He is not going to be alone in this forth coming adventure. He hadn’t intended on going for this trip. His girlfriend surprised him with it. So will things be different? Will Leo finally have one peaceful vacation?

Stay tuned to find out!

A is for Ahoy                   N is for Nuptials

B is for Barnacles          O is for Ominous

C is for Captain          P is for Pearl of the Caribbean

D is for Dance                  Q is for Queen

E is for Eerie                   R is for Rational

F is for Flee                          S is for Safe

G is for Gentle                      T is for Trap

H is Historical                U is for Unusual 

I is for Isla De Margarita         V is for Vengeance

J is for Juan Hill     W is for Weary/Wary

K is for Kate                X is for eXcitement

L is Leanna                         Y is for Yearn

M is Marry Me                       Z is Zephyrs

After Challenge contributions to the A-Z 2018.


Continuation to the story :

The Mystery Brews

The Conclusion