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Last day! Long post. So very short intro.

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I anxiously wait for Ellie to text me she’s here

And when she does, we just ride in silence. 

My mind is filled with intrusive thoughts and my legs are bouncing constantly.

I was so very thankful for Ellie and that she didn’t try and make any sort of conversation. That takes me back to the old days and how the 6 of us were so very close. I am momentarily distracted by thinking about our group dynamics and the pairs in the group. 

I come back to reality when El slows down to stop at our destination. I don’t know how long our journey took because I have lost all sense of time.

Ellie looks at me with concern, her eyes asking me to start talking. 

I take the hint. 

“El, where are we?”

“So the last known location for Xav was there at that Motel.”, she points out. 

I follow her outreached hand and look at the place. 

It was neither too brightly lit nor was it completely dingy. It had this old rustic, out of time kinda charm. 

I couldn’t recognise the neighbourhood and had no idea if it was safe.

Based on Ellie’s reactions and how cautious she is, I wouldn’t assume it to be a friendly locality. 

I look back at her, to see her watching my expressions. 

She pats her badge and her gun, silently assuring me.

I smile weakly. 

“Are you ready?”, she asks ever so softly. 

I can only manage to nod. 

We step out and shut the doors as quietly as possible. 

My mind goes as quiet as the neighbourhood, as if I left all of my thoughts and emotions locked up in the car. 

I can only feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

I look over to Ellie and she asks me to follow her. 

We cross the street and walk as quickly and quietly as possible. 

She heads towards the reception first. 

There’s a young boy, playing his video games. Presumably the owner’s son. 

Ellie knocks at the counter and the boy looks up annoyed at first and then sees us as customers and asks

“Good evening, how can I help you?” 

“Aren’t you too young to be manning the counter?” 

“Miss, my father had to step out to, to uhm” 

“What for, child?” 

He tries to stifle a laugh and says, ” To take a dump” 

I look at Ellie and I can see she’s trying hard not to smile as well. 

“How long will it take for your father to return?” 

“Can’t say Miss. He has stomach issues.”

We both look at each other, trying to figure out our next move when the boy speaks up

“But Miss I can assist you with whatever you need. I know everything about this place.” 

Ellie smiled at his eagerness.

“Okaaay. So do you know everyone that stays here?” 

“Oh yes. I’m friends with everyone! There’s Mr Perlox and his family. There’s Miss Claire. There’s-” 

Before he could continue, Ellie interrupted him 

“Well that’s mighty amazing of you. But tell me do you know if there’s a tall woman with beautiful curly hair living here?” 

“Uhhhh”, the boy takes a couple of minutes. 

“Oo there is a big girl who came by a couple of days ago. I tried talking to her but she seemed very sad.”

We look at each other again and I nod, it could be her. 

“Yes. You see she’s our friend and we’ve been looking for her. Can you tell me which room she is staying in?” 

“Uhh. I don’t think I can tell you that.

“Why not?”

“My father wouldn’t approve of me telling a stranger about our guests.” 

Ellie smiles again and I do too. Very clever of that boy. 

Ellie reaches out and shows her badge to him. 

“Now can I know please?” 

The boy immediately goes, “Yes ma’am. I’ll tell you everything ma’am. She’s staying in room 2B, you just have to head down the path to the deadend. I can take you there if you want.”,he says all in one breath. 

“Thank you so much. But it’s okay. We’ll find it ourselves. Thank you once again. Have a good night.” 

We head out to the room. There’s no lights on. Ellie puts her ear to the door. She looks up to me and says, “Nope. Nothing.” 

She knocks on the door, but neither of us expect a response. We don’t get any. 

She jimmies the lock with some kind of tool and the door swings open. 

I find the light switch and turn it on. And there on the bed, we see a figure lying down, all covered up under the blankets. 

Oh no, what if it is not her?

Ellie approaches cautiously. She doesn’t want to startle this person. She gently tip toes  and whispers loudly, Xavia. 

“Hey Xavia is that you?”

No response. 

She now heads to shake her up and even then no response. 

With every passing second, I am increasingly worried.

My eyes fall towards the sleeping pills and I indicate that out to Ellie. 

Ellie reacts with incredible speed and yanks the covers out. 

My heart is in my throat and I was so glad to see Xavia’s face. 

Ellie checks her face for drool and takes her pulse. The sigh and the relief in her eyes clarifies my onslaught of questions. She continues to forcefully shake Xavia awake. And after a bit Xavia, groggily awakes. 

We both audibly sigh and Xavia is shocked to see us. 

She even whispers, “Am I hallucinating???. What is Eleanor doing here?”

Her eyes focus around the room and she sees me,


“Yes Xavia. It’s me.”

“How? What?”, she asks

I sense her confusion and also take in how tired and lifeless she looks. It’s like all her zing has been sucked out. 

“It’s okay. Rest. We’ll talk later. Everything is okay now. You’re okay”

Okay this post really was taking tooo long.

I will publish a epilogue tomorrow. So any unanswered questions will be cleared up there.

Don’t be mad at me xD



17 thoughts on “Zing

  1. Flashing a badge does speed along getting information.
    Good story. Congratulations on making it to z.

    J Lenni Dorner (he/him 👨🏽 or 🧑🏽 they/them) ~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, OperationAwesome6 Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

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  2. I can’t believe you did this cliff hanger on the last day! Yes, yes I can. Get her some coffee and make her walk around. At least that’s what they always do, unless they can pump the stomach. I will be back tomorrow. Congrats on keeping us hanging for the entire challenge and beyond!

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