I am so glad that you are here and have taken the time to read my work!

Opening this blog was one of the best things that has happened to me. I live up to my name and dreaming is what I do best (apart from talking is what my friends would say). Here I can talk as much as I want and nobody would say anything about it, sometimes isn’t that what we want, just someone to listen to us without interrupting…?

Stories inspire me, allow me to dream and also transport me into an imaginary world full of situations that will never happen (perks of being an over thinker). Music also has a way of doing the same and sometimes I cannot really survive without it!

I am both an outdoorsy person and someone who can sit in a cosy nook with a book for hours. I love both the rain and sunshine! Dogs are my favourite but to be honest I am exactly like a cat. (Is it cause I am a Leo?, we’ll never know!)

Without any further ado I am Swapna, signing off and hoping to see you visit my blog again!

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