I could have included this under S, but then I decided not to! Cause I have amazing pictures to share! So if you've been reading this blog a lot, or just following the A-Z posts then you pretty much know that I'm an outdoor person, and I love Mother Nature( I dericated an entire post … Continue reading Trekking


One of my other favourite past times!!! I love playing. Anything for that matter. I'm such an outdoor person and well an indoor person too! But since this post deals with sun, sweat and practice let's just call me as an outdoor person! So summer is my favourite season, as I have had mentioned before. … Continue reading Sports


How can I not fall in love with one of the most simplest ways of being transported into another world? Books, story books. I love them!! I absolutely love reading.  I'm such a crazy person when it comes to reading, I'll read a 600/700 page book in one sitting. I'm a fast reader and that … Continue reading Reading


Okaay so I thought about Q for a long time and this what I ended up with! Not a bad choice after all! Okay coming to the most ironic part of this post, I hate burnt food! But somehow I enjoyed stuff that is barbecued. Also before y'll get your hopes up about reading different … Continue reading bbQ

Nap time!

Apologies for the late post!!! But yes coming to all time favourite thing to do!!! Sleeeeeppp! ♥️ Honestly I love sleep .But sometimes sleep doesn't love me back and I don't get enough of it and that's why I often have affairs with naps .Naps is just wonderful. It's caring and is right there when … Continue reading Nap time!