Hey guys!! I know I am late to post this but I have been busy! For this year's reflections the A-Z blog has actually given us questions to answer if we don't really know what to write! So I'm just going to pick up a couple of questions and do just that! Oo and my … Continue reading Reflections


Hey guys! I know I am two days late but I really needed the break I'm back with the promised epilogue to answer all your questions Hope you did enjoy my A-Z 2022. You can find all the posts here Don't know what I am talking about? Start at the beginning! Also since this is … Continue reading Epilogue


Hey guys! Last day! Long post. So very short intro. Start here. Find relevant chapters/letters here. I anxiously wait for Ellie to text me she’s here And when she does, we just ride in silence.  My mind is filled with intrusive thoughts and my legs are bouncing constantly. I was so very thankful for Ellie … Continue reading Zing