Up’s and Low’s

Hi This is just going to be a life update post 2+ months into living in a foreign country have left me feeling all kinds of things. I'm deliriously happy sometimes and inexplicable sad the others. But if it only oscillated between the two, I would at least have a sense of predictability and comfort. … Continue reading Up’s and Low’s


Heyy I think this has become my thing now. I love it. Sometimes I have this intense feeling of anguish and love pass through me that all I can do is stare out in the non-existent and sigh deeply, Words float around in my head as complex feelings, aching to be put into rhyme and … Continue reading 3/2/23


Hi Remember me? I don't xD More on that later. Happy New Year! I am only 23 days too early! The future plans I mentioned here.. well they happened With it, she brought along massive amounts of change and stress. But that's to be expected right? So why am I here, now? Well it's my … Continue reading Hiemal


Hey I know it's been forever. I just didn't have the words I don't think I still do Up until now I think I have been very numb and its hard to write when you are I feel extremely lost, a month ago my future plans felt through, more accurately- delayed. But my overthinking mind … Continue reading Pain