Heat Waves and Cloud Bursts

Heyyyy!!! I know it has been far too long... I have felt guilty many a times but what matters is I am here now! ANNNNND I am here to stay! I am overjoyed to say that I am now finally a graduate! Ahh all of that work has resulted into a beautiful fruit of a … Continue reading Heat Waves and Cloud Bursts

Find my Motivation

Heyy! How are you?? You know when you have a big thing coming up and you have those emotions rushing through you? Be it an important interview, the hopeful second date or your final examination. Well next week is my final semester exams and I am a mess It's not just the academic aspect of … Continue reading Find my Motivation


Hello again! How are you? Me? I'm physically fine just emotionally bruised (--Just a one direction thing) I hovered around the write button for a while now. I don't remember the last time I wrote in my journal. I don't even remember the last time I actually spoke my feelings out, I guess it was … Continue reading Lychee


Listen, Life can't always be like lemongrass and larkspur. You know that.  You know that all too well. But life isn't all thorns and thistles. And we need to remind ourselves that. Constantly. Daily. So Henceforth Find your ray of light or beacon of hope, Do you have it? Good, hold on to it and … Continue reading Listen


So yeah I know I totally completely disappeared even before I could finish the challenge, sorry I was going through some things. It's been a long time since I sat down to write and many times in between I felt guilty. Guilty for not being able to finish the challenge. Guilty for not coming back … Continue reading Hey


Don't some things painstakingly remind you of things that you don't want to be reminded of? Things that remind you of them. Memories you shared. The places you used to visit together. The things you used to talk about. Common interests. Songs you listened together. Late night conversations. Long phone calls. Favourites. Why is that … Continue reading Hurt