Hey guyyss!! It's 2:22 am on 22/2/22 Like I mentioned before during my Bloganuary post, I just really love dates like this. It's so very satisfying! Before we get onto today's wst prompt by Sandra. I have big news! My blog now has 500 followers!!!!!! And if you do open my post on my website … Continue reading 22/2/22

wst and Waffles

Heya guys As you know I'm taking part in Sandra's daily wst challenge all through out Feb! I skipped yesterday's "you bastard" prompt cause I would have legit used the same post as what I wrote for "What a jerk"! xD Today's prompt is "Puzzle Pieces" I actually enjoy doing puzzles. It's very satisfying to … Continue reading wst and Waffles


Hello again! How are you? Me? I'm physically fine just emotionally bruised (--Just a one direction thing) I hovered around the write button for a while now. I don't remember the last time I wrote in my journal. I don't even remember the last time I actually spoke my feelings out, I guess it was … Continue reading Lychee