Hi Remember me? I don't xD More on that later. Happy New Year! I am only 23 days too early! The future plans I mentioned here.. well they happened With it, she brought along massive amounts of change and stress. But that's to be expected right? So why am I here, now? Well it's my … Continue reading Hiemal


Hi You know what I love? Rom-coms I unabashedly love them. But you know how everyone else looks at it? Basic, cliché, sappy, cheesy, honestly this list can go on. But here's what absolutely sucks. That most people just miss it. Miss the whole point of it all. Miss the feeling of hope. Miss that … Continue reading Rom-Coms


Hey I know it's been forever. I just didn't have the words I don't think I still do Up until now I think I have been very numb and its hard to write when you are I feel extremely lost, a month ago my future plans felt through, more accurately- delayed. But my overthinking mind … Continue reading Pain