A- Z 2020

Theme: Murder Mystery

Elizabeth Hatchings and Graciela are two women detectives from the 1980’s who solve crimes with their team.

They have always had each other’s back both professionally and personally working together for 9 years.

This particular recent case has taken a toll  resulting in a divide between them. They aren’t seeing eye to eye for the first time in years and to top that they need to catch the murderer before time runs out.

Read on to find out how they accomplish this task!

A is for Accomplice                                                             N is for Napped

B is for Betrayal                                                                   O is for Opioids

C is for Crime                                                                       P is for Paranoia

D is for Death                                                                       Q is for Quince

E is for Evidence                                                                  R is for Reminisce

F is for Framed?                                                                   S is for Struggle

G is for Guilty?                                                                     T is for Test Results

H is for Homicide Department                                         U is for Uncover

I is for Investigation                                                           V is for Valuable

J is for Jeopardy                                                                   W is for Weak

K is for Kale                                                                          X is for Xanthan

L is for Liar                                                                           Y is for Yield

M is for More Info                                                                Z is for Zeal