A-Z 2022

Hey guys

This marks my third attempt at the annual A-Z Challenge

(I’m not counting 2019 as I didn’t finish it.)

For my come back, (didn’t participate in ’21) I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’ve constantly battled with being vulnerable, especially on this blog and this year I’m trying to face that battle head on!

Here is a sneak peek, from my theme reveal:

Some of us, we live our lives with a fear that we are imposters. That we don't really belong and that how much ever we try, we will always be outsiders.  Most of us are scared to be revealed as imposters, some more than relieved. But what happens when you have your person? You're very own human version of hot chocolate on a cold day? 

How would you feel if they got to see the true you?

This series focus on two women, Xavia and Valerie. They've been each other's "person" for a long time now. But how well do you really know someone? Can you ever really know anyone fully?

Come be a part of their journey as they realise how similarly different these 2 incredibly close friends are. 
Watch them navigate their lives and deal with the consequences of their actions. 

This is going to be a continuous series and it would be preferable to read them all in order 🙂

A is for Anguish                                                                   N is for News
B is for Broken                                                                     O is for Ominous
C is for Colours                                                                    P is for Pain
D is for Distressed                                                               Q is for Questions
E is for Explosive Emotions                                                 R is for Reunited
F is for Fever Dreams                                                           S is for Success
G is for Guilty                                                                       T is for Tacos
H is for Hope                                                                        U is for Uncover
I is for Intersection                                                               V is for Valerie
J is for Jitters                                                                        W is for Want vs Need
K is for Kaleidoscope                                                            X is for Xavia
L is for Lost                                                                            Y is for Yearn
M is for Missing Monotony                                                   Z is for Zing

Epilogue                                                                                 Reflections

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!