The End of Bloganuary

Heyya guyss!!! It is the last post!!! Woohoo, I made it till the end!!!! Celebratory Dance!! Today's prompt- How do you feel when you look at the stars? Ahhhh Okay I think WP may just have redeemed itself by ending with this question If you don't already know- I LOVE the stars! I actually talk … Continue reading The End of Bloganuary

Close to the end of Bloganaury

Greetings dear bloggers Just one more day of this challenge And then we're freeeeee *contented sigh* Today's prompt- Describe Yourself as a Tree *are you effing kidding me* GAH You want me to describe myself as a tree? Fine I'll do it Here is your tree Happy? Not satisfied, are you? There you go Still … Continue reading Close to the end of Bloganaury


Hey guys Today's prompt is- Interview a fictional character. I am so pleased to announce that for today's, Interview an inter galaxy Celeb segment on The Tonight Show Starring Dream is none other than Tony-IronMan- Stark *cue lights* *cue intro music* Well well, hello there! *slightly flustered* It's such a honour to finally meet … Continue reading Bloganaury-23