Hey guys!

I know I am two days late but I really needed the break

I’m back with the promised epilogue to answer all your questions

Hope you did enjoy my A-Z 2022. You can find all the posts here

Don’t know what I am talking about? Start at the beginning!

Also since this is the last ever post for the series, it had to be an Explorative medium post!!


Well that’s it folks!

This concludes 2022 A-Z!

See you again in a couple of days with my Reflections post!



10 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. I hope when she finds out why Xavia left that she’ll drop us a line! LOL. I really enjoyed your A – Z and you wrapped it up nicely with a sort of long term cliff hanger, which is only fitting for this series!

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  2. I ended up taking a break right after A to Z myself. I kind of burned out on blogging, but now I’m starting to catch up.

    I’m glad things worked out for Xavia and Valerie. They went through a lot in this story. Therapy is not a magic wand, but it can you change course when things are not going the way they should. That was my experience, at least.

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    • I haven’t come here to this platform in a long time!

      Thank you for reading all the posts and for your comments!
      I completely completely enjoyed your series. I LOVE knowing more things about Space!!!!

      And I agree, it definitely isn’t a magic wand!

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