/zu-kar/ sugar/ we could all do with a little more sweetness in our lives This is going to be a post that is continued from here, here, here and here. Lila loves sweet things. It wasn't a surprise to anyone who got to know her in the short few weeks either. The first ever time … Continue reading Zucker


Taking artistic freedom for this one It's spelt Ja. But pronounced Ya. /ya/ yes/ language is funny I cannot be defined as a native English speaker, but really how can I not be? It is the only language I think in. It's the only language I can speak at least a 100 words in a … Continue reading Ya


/fur-cow-fen/ sell/ money, money, ain't it funny It is completely okay to be bewildered by the pronunciation of this word. You see though the German script is exactly like English, barring the addition of five letters, the pronunciation of this letter's are quite, quite different. Classic example being, the letter 'v' is pronounced as 'fuh', … Continue reading Verkaufen


/oo-bhan/ Underground train/ this is going to be a rant You know what is the funniest thing about the U-bahn? It's barely even underground! Out of the entire line of U-79, there are about 5 stops that are underground, I would know as I travel end to end. The best part about the train is … Continue reading U-bahn