Hello my peeps!

It is the first of April and this means it the start of the A to Z Challenge! I can’t wait for you guys to start reading my entry for this year.

As mentioned in my theme release, it’s going to be a continuous series and my theme revolves around a Murder Mystery.

The entire series can be accessed from here

Without any further ado, here’s my first entry

“Never underestimate people”

I don’t know why my father’s words chose to appear in my mind at that particular moment of my day. By far it was the worst day of my life. Sounds like I’m exaggerating? Nope, it really was. Beg to differ, well read on and I’ll let you decide.

I’m Elizabeth Hatchings. I’m a detective at some place. I can’t really start telling a random stranger everything about a detectives life and the case she’s working on. But I’m typing this one out cause this is the strangest one out there. And this is coming from me, me who’s seen all kinds of cases working for 9 years.

Graciela and I have been partners for 6 of those 9 years and we have worked out the kinks. We have always got each other’s backs. Today, the 25th of July 1980 we stumbled upon a most extraordinary case.

A girl, probably in her early 30’s was found murdered at her home. Her eyes conveyed shock, betrayal even, maybe. The job looked like it was a messy one yet there was no signs of struggle by the victim. Every door, every window was locked. There were no signs of breaking and entry. No footprints despite the blood covering every possible surface of the kitchen. No murder weapon in sight.

The slashing of the body was so haphazard, a few by a right dominated person and few by a left dominated. Maybe a killer who’s ambidextrous? What about the blood, could it have also been the killer’s? Or was it killers? An accomplice perhaps, trusted by her. If so, who and why kill her? So many questions yet no promising leads.

The only usable evidence was the blood. Which mostly belonged to her all things considered. Nothing tied to the criminal. Until the lab results get back…

There it is!

My first entry!! So all my posts will be published around this time everyday.

Participating in the challenge? Drop the links to your blog in my comments!

Happy Blogging!!

Stay safe and much love to you all 🙂

Dream ♥️

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