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John Gavish’s POV

It was an ordinary lazy quiet Saturday morning. This time of the year the weather was just about perfect. Slightly cold windy mornings with rays of sunshine streaming in to instantly warm you up. Flowers at full bloom, every tree covered with different hues and sizes of flowers and not a single leaf on those trees were in sight. The blue sky filled with clouds of different shapes. It was all so beautiful. 

 I sat down at the table admiring this beauty sipping my hot coffee while Theo got my newspaper in. Finally, after all this training Theo managed to not rip the paper to pieces or bark at the poor skinny frightened newspaper boy.

The headlines read:

Unidentified Woman found dead at her apartment in broad daylight. 

Not wanting to start this great day with bad news I didn’t bother reading further. I skimmed through the pages, ready to read the sports section when I came across a picture that caught my eye. 

That was the girl who was murdered!!?.

She seemed familiar, very familiar. But could it really be her? 

Anxiously I went back to the first page and started reading the article and continued to the one with the picture. 

There was a strong possibility that it could be her. 

Oh god lord now what would happen? 

She hadn’t even been identified. How was that even possible?

Was this all a ruse? 

What if it is a trap?

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