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Graciela’s POV

Slow traffic on a Saturday morning. I was getting increasingly late for work. 

It was 9:10 when I reached work that morning. God I hated being late. It throws me off my routine. Now I won’t have that first 10 minutes to myself and my coffee. And because of that this whole day is just going to spiral down. 

While I was mentally bracing myself for the day at work and the case at hand, some random dude bumped into me. I almost spilled my coffee on myself. So close. I was going to yell at the guy when I realised it was John. 

“What are you doing here John?”

John Gavish was another detective in our office who headed and handled the stolen goods and armed robbery cases. We were the homicide department. I was genuinely surprised to see him on this side of the bureau. 

“Actually Graciela I was looking for you”

“Oh John. Can we please catch up over lunch or something. I have a case that I-“

“ I think I can identify the victim”

“John are you serious!? Do you even know-“

“I read the newspaper this morning. The old photo of her’s, I recognised instantly. I called her a dozen times right after and she didn’t answer. I drove over to her house but it was completely empty. I asked her neighbour, they said she moved out a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know what else to do, so I came here.”

“Wait! So you know her personally?”

“WAIT! You don’t know her? “

“ No John I don’t. Who is she? How do you know her?”

“Graciela I’m so surprised you don’t know who she is. How is this even possible. You’re telling me you’ve never seen her before? Wow. This is such a shocker. You might want to sit down for this Grace.”

26 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. The good thing is I am binge reading. So I don’t have to wait for a couple of hours before some more light falls on the mystery!
    I hope Grace doesn’t have a nasty surprise in store.

    Liked by 1 person

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