While I was looking around the house trying to pick up clues, Graciela walked in.

She didn’t seem like herself and didn’t even take off her shades. I brushed it off assuming it to be a hangover.

The victim kept her house very clean, not a speck of dust to be found. She didn’t have any pictures around. Looking at the boxes in her room she probably just moved into the place. The place seemed very familiar but I just couldn’t place it.

I walked up to Graciela wanting to talk about how the victims eyes conveyed betrayal and my theory of there being more than one killer but she just refused to listen to me. Time and again she cut through my conversation and spoke to the other officers.

I didn’t know what had gotten into her. She never behaved like that. And no matter how many times I spoke to her she barely even responded.

Infuriated I just walked out.

Soo many thoughts running in my head.

This case seemed jinxed. No promising leads, no motive, no information, no weapon and the fact that Graciela wouldn’t even listen to me. My father’s words. My gut feeling that I was missing a vital piece of evidence. Something that was staring right at my face and I couldn’t figure it out.

The girl’s face was badly massacred too. Only her eyes were clearly visible. The same eyes that spoke of betrayal. She seemed very familiar. Or maybe it was cause of those eyes. They were not ordinary, they stood out. Just like if a tiger stood amongst a pride of lions.

Without waiting for Graciela I went back to the office. The case files were left on the table and the victim still hadn’t been identified. I must have been exhausted and so I didn’t realise when I feel asleep on the table.

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