Bonjour my fellow A-Z bloggers

Don’t know what I am talking about? Let me point you in the direction of This post.

Tomorrow is the last day and I for one cannot wait!

It has been exhausting trying to write this time around

Or maybe it has been the same and I have forgotten what it feels like.

Either ways

Let’s get on to today’s post!

P.S- Text highlighted in green are Valerie’s dialogues and the ones in yellow are Ellie’s

My heart was beating so fast, I was scared that it would pop right out of my chest. 

It was 11pm

Ellie had news in less than 12 hours?

That couldn’t be any good right?

And why would she text me so late?

I open the text chain to reply

But I can’t think of anything coherent to reply. My mind is flooding with emotions and questions. 

I call her instead

She picks up on the second ring

“Hi Ellie. Sorry to call you but I thought it would be faster to talk”

“Hey Val. I understand. Are you sitting down?”

“Uhh. Oh no. It’s bad. Isn’t it? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

“Val. Calm down. Breathe.”

“Just tell me. What is it? I can’t yearn anymore.”

“Based on our conversation, I did some digging. Like I said, she could have left any day at any hour between Friday and Sunday. That is assuming of course, that she wasn’t texting you with the same number, burner phone.”

“Oh god”

“Conveniently for us, her loft complex has a convenience store right opposite. One of their camera’s has a view of the entry point into the complex. 

We got even more lucky that we didn’t have to issue a warrant to get access to those camera’s. My colleague knows the owner personally. So that worked out for us.”

“Okay. That is something. Please get to it.”

“Okay. Also you should really know this was an unorthodox way of going by it, since it’s not an official case for us-”

Before she could continue, I interrupted her to say

“I wholly understand. I am very sorry for putting you in this position. But like I explained I really needed to keep this on the down low. But I think based on what’s coming it may have been just delaying the inevitable”

“Valerie. You should know that none of this is your fault. Also I understand your reasons and I am just doing this as a personal favour.”

“Regardless of what happens El, I am very thankful to you.”

“Val. That is the thing. I don’t know if the news I have is good or bad. It’s just news.”

“Oh god lord. Please. I can’t anymore. Just tell me.”

“I watched the footage and followed the street cameras as far as I could. And I did loose her in some places. But after carefully re-tracing my path, I think I know what is Xavia’s last known location.”

“You do??!!!!”

“But why do you sound like that?”

“Is that not good news???”

“Valerie. Uh. I haven’t seen any movement in that place since the last 24 hours.”

“No. You couldn’t possibly imply-”

“We can’t know for sure. 

Do you want to check the place out?”

“You would come with me???”

“Of course I would. Why wouldn’t I, Val”

“Oh thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“I’ll pick you up in 15 minutes?”

“Yes please. I’ll just text you my address.”

So it was a considerably short post

Probably to make up for tomorrow’s long post, lol


Auf Weidersehen!

Dream :))

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