Want vs Need

Heya peeps and meeps!

Does that make me sound awfully cheerful? (I’m not, really)

Yesterday’s post was quite heavy and emotional but also honest.

Which I think really brings together the whole theme.

I have tried to be as honest and as vulnerable as possible and I think I am doing a pretty good job.

But it is really exhausting. I can’t wait to be done with the challenge. Just 3 more to go!!!!

Coming back,

I’m so happy that I thought of this- I had already left a clue that my W post would be Want vs Need. It was not so subtle xD

But it’s cool if you missed it!

(you really want to know? go quickly and check THIS out) and typing this definitely did not make me feel like I was setting up a click-bait

Here is the list of all my posts in this ongoing A-Z series!

And off we go to today’s explorative medium post, so you know the drill :))

I didn’t know how to stop my floodgates from needing to open.

I also knew I didn’t want to. I wouldn’t stop once I started. 

I needed a distraction. 

There were plenty of choices right in front of me. 

And then I found the one that was perfectly appropriate.

Reading that letter was like having one of those beautiful epiphanies. You feel intense joy.
Like as if your brain has just birthed a baby and all you can do now is look at it with immense happiness and experience all the feel-good hormones.

It then struck me that we did have a similar conversation a long while ago and now it’s bringing back all those fond memories. 


Nostalgia hits me.

Then the letter hits me.


I really really do miss her.

What do you think?

Is it really valid to be prejudiced about ‘Want’ or has Xavia not evolved in her thinking?

Let me know!

See you tomorrow,


8 thoughts on “Want vs Need

  1. With her on the societal pressures to be/do/whatever. and that many of today’s needs are actually wants.
    I don’t think that wants always result in growth. Some wants are plain bad or even evil and result in all kinds of horrible outcomes. Wanting more and more and more for instance.

    But enough of that, let’s get to tomorrow’s Xavia episode. I am enjoying this story so much.

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  2. There is a lot of pressure the be what other people say you “need” to be, or to have what other people say you “need” to have. And we end up sacrificing many of the things we actually want in life to pursue these supposed needs.

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