Hey guys!

I was on a short vacation, which is why I haven’t been reading your posts!

Along with catching up with your posts, I will very very soon be playing catch up with my posts! Please motivate me to write!!!!

Anyway, if you aren’t completely up to date with all the posts in the series you can access them all here

Make sure you do read them all for context :))

Today’s post is another explorative medium post! For this year’s A-Z I wanted to switch things up and sooo I have been exploring with different platforms of writing. I have a couple of posts depicting Xavia’s blog and one of Val’s diary!

And today we will be reading Xav’s version of a diary. She writes letters to herself 🙂

Here we go!

(Quick thank you to one of my besties for providing the prompt for K ❤ )


So what do you think?

How did I do?

See you real soon.


20 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

  1. Very, very good. I like the use of parchment for the diary entry. The only thing that I would add – to lend authenticity – is a date at the top of the diary entry. Again, it’s fantastic.


    • Thank you for this!!!
      But this wasn’t to be a diary entry.. it’s actually a letter.. but for the diary entry posts (like today’s) the date is at the top.
      Maybe I should have swapped the papers xD
      Take a look at today’s (out in a couple of hours) and let me know!


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