Hey guys!

I was getting bored of my theme, so I zhooshed things up a little! (Man that took a while to get that spelling right)

So we’re nearing the end!

And I get that you’re highly anticipating the ending// these 2 girls reuniting butttt you gotta hang in there!

Don’t know what I am talking about?

Go on, head here or just start at the beginning!

Today’s post, also explorative medium! (Three in a row, wow that is a record for me :))) )

At every junction of my life, I felt the need to strengthen my dam and not let the water out. I would only ever do so, to a select few people and it would only ever be a little pond-ful of water. 

I know it’s unhealthy to think about it but sometimes I wonder if people love me as much as I love them. If they care about me or they’re just nice to me because I care about them. I would move mountains if I could for some people, but would they at least hold me when I am down?

I know it is my insecurity. But I can’t not feel this way.  

Reading that letter by Xavia, really moved me. 

And I think it goes to show how similarly different we are, because I wrote something along the same lines about her, ages ago too!


Why does everything remind me of her?

And how much she means to me?

Can’t I please get some sign?

Any sign?


I am hanging by a thread

Just anything will do

My phone pings and it’s Ellie

Ensure you swiped to read the diary entry!

And I’ll see you tomorrow!



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