It is the last post of my series!

Can’t wait to see your expressions.

If you are new here, then this is a part of my ongoing murder series for the A-Z Challenge 2020.

It’d help to start from the beginning.  Here is a link to all of my posts, you can navigate accordingly.

Without any further ado,

Graciela’s POV

I tiptoed into her room. The doctor said it was okay to visit her but she was most likely to be asleep for a while.

My poor Liz. She looked so weak and so pale. All the colour drained from her cheeks and hair in shrivelled mess. Bandages covering various parts of her body and the IV injections pierced into her hand. 

I missed her terribly. I could only come visit her once. I was so busy with the case and she was undergoing multiple surgeries. The timing never seemed to match.

Now we were so close to the finish line, we just needed a little push. A push to get us over the finish line. 

Looking at her sleep peacefully, my wind wandered off and I don’t know when I fell asleep either. 

I was woken up to my phone buzzing in my pocket. It took me a second to realize where I was, blinking, I looked at my phone. It was Ellie. I stepped out to take the call.

“Hey El. What’s going on?”

“Graciela!” She yelled, making me wince. 

“What? What happened??”

“I found it! I found our missing link!”

“Do go on El!”

“I finally figured out where the storage locker was and got there. Boss, Brianna is so darn cool. It took me this long just to find a key and the locker. It was in her elementary school, can you believe that?”

“What did you find El?”, I whispered excitedly. 

“Like I suspected, the storage locker had her case files. All the information on every case she has worked on so far. Every single minute detail. And so well organised in such a tiny locker boss!!

Guess what her most recent case was on!!”

“I have no idea Ellie. Tell me before Liz wakes up, please”

“Okay okay. It was a drug case. Not just any drug case. The Cobras. She was collecting dirt on the biggest baddest drug gang. And my, there are enough details here to put every single one of them into the cell for at least 20 years. 

It says here, she initially started working on it because of John Gavish. He was going to conduct a raid on one of the small dealers working for them but then out of the blue, he dropped the case and gave some vague explanation. She suspected something fishy. This was around the time, she saw him getting addicted to heroin. She put two and two together and also figured that Will was in on it with John.

The entire gang meets thrice every month. Every meeting is set in different locations but at the same time and on the same day. They meet on the first of the month,  on the new moon day and on the last of every month. 

The location would be sent in a riddle. 

All we have to do is get access to the riddle, which we can do by pretending to be Gavish. No one knows about him, right boss?”, she rambled on excitedly, without even pausing for a single breath.

“Hmm, yes-”, Before I could continue I heard Liz’s now hoarse voice. 

“Ellie. This is wonderful news but I gotta go right now, I’ll call you later!”

I hung up and walked in.

“Water”, Liz croaked. 

I walked up to her bedside table and poured her a glass of water.

“Grace!”, she exclaimed.

I beamed at her, “ Liz, water first.”

She drowned the glass of water as fast as she could. It was so adorable cause she thought she could finish quickly but didn’t realise it. 

“Slow down Liz”, I amused her. 

She smiled as widely as possible, a little colour seeping back to her cheeks. Adorable Liz. 

“How are you?”

“I’m doing amazing”, she replied. 

“How are you Elizabeth?”

“I’m okay. I’ll be okay. I’m so glad to see you here.”

“Me too.”

“How did I end up here. The last thing I remember-”

“Liz. The doctor has advised to you rest completely and not strain yourself”

“The case. My Brianna-”, she wandered off for a second.

Like she would listen to me. Well if she does speak, the entire case would be solved, now that we have enough evidence and cause of murder. John and Will would go to jail for murder. 

“You have to listen to me Grace. I was there. You have to listen.”

“I know you were there. We found you in Brianna’s garden. Badly wounded might I add”

“Let me tell you completely”

“Okay Liz but when I ask you to stop, you are going to and you are going to take complete rest. Deal?”

“Deal. Listen.

I had gone over to Brianna’s new home. She had called me over. She wanted to talk about something important. I assumed it was pertaining to one of her cases. She would do that every once in a while and so I didn’t suspect anything. 

I arrived just when a charming young man was leaving her house. I assumed it to be her boyfriend but then remembered that last I knew she was going out with John. 

After the pleasantry exchanges, I asked her about the young man. It was indeed her boyfriend. 

We were having a pleasant conversation over the freshly delivered pizza. It had a strange flavour to it. I think it was Kale. That was when I looked at Brianna. She was having an allergic reaction to it. I was looking around for her Epipen when there was a strong blow to my head”

She points to her head wound, I nod at her sympathetically

“ It was John. And some other guy. He was holding the Epipen right in front of her face and threatening her. I was infuriated. I tried to get up and snatch it from him but John fought me to it. 

I was busy trying to defend myself from this incredibly strong John. I had underestimated him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the other man give the Epipen to her. She was returning back to normal. She was so shocked to see John fighting me. 

John pushed me into a corner and the last I remembered was both the men dragging me into the garden and them walking away.

Is Brianna okay now?”

Oh, poor Liz. How do I put this to her? But before I could open my mouth, she interjected

“Wait. She was murdered. But who?

I am telling you Grace, those men tortured her but couldn’t kill her. Neither of them had it in them. John was packing a punch but nothing that could kill and the other man too. They gave her epipen back. They wanted to threaten her, that’s all”

“Wait, how do you know she’s dead. I thought you passed out”

“Grace. That’s the thing. I feel like I’ve been working on this case. At least in the beginning. There are a lot of images in my head.  Antiquities shop, Kale, and other vague ideas. I’m just assuming it has to do with the case.”

“Lizzie. Leave it to you, to try and solve cases when you have been out cold for the past couple of weeks, going through one surgery out of the other”

She smiled weakly. 

“Wait. So if it wasn’t them, then the gang must have caught wind of what Brianna was doing and come after them. That makes sense. There was a 911 call on Brianna’s phone but the call seemed to have lasted 3 seconds. She must have been calling it for you but before she could do it.. she was…”

Liz nodded feebly. 

“I’m so glad the gang didn’t venture out of the house to find you. I can’t imagine if…”, I shuddered at the thought. 

Liz signalled for a hug, I moved in. 

We sat there comfortably in silence till she fell asleep again in a bit. 

I texted Ellie and Holly about all the additional information. They’d take care of the arrests. 

I sat there smiling at how if it weren’t for zealous Liz, we’d have not been able to solve the case accordingly.


Sooo.. that’s it!

How was it? Thoughts? Do tell 🙂

See you all next for my reflections post!

Until then,

Dream ❤

47 thoughts on “Zeal

  1. Very enjoyable. Solving cases while out cold- nice.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And yet another case is closed. Poor Brianna. But her work wasn’t in vain. Congratulations on making it to Z. You’re officially an AtoZ Survivor. I loved this series and would like to read more stories from you. Also, if you’re interested in six word stories,I host a weekly prompt. Do check it out. 😃
    I’m following you and I’ll be back regularly. 😄 So glad to have found your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Curtain falls with much-awaited murder mystery finally resolved! Great job.
    Happy to have connected with you over the month-long sojourn. Heartiest congratulations on the successful completion of the challenge.
    Lets keep in touch.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What an ending! I wish my brain worked that well when I was asleep. I’m glad the drug dealers are going to get what’s coming to them, and I’m glad Liz and Graciela both survived. Thanks for a fun mystery! I enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You did a fabulous job! (Do people say fabulous anymore? God, I’m old.) I loved your story. I couldn’t do this… I’m not capable of the mystery stuff… just romance and heartbreak! I really enjoyed this. And I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a bit better this month even though we haven’t talked that much. Just a feeling, I guess… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Relax!! Yes people use fabulous!!!
      Thank you! That means a lot to me ❤

      I can totally write poems from romance and my heart breaks but it is so much harder when it comes to writing a story. It's so much easier to not make the characters suffer.. I mean, you get what I mean right?
      I have tendencies to fall in love and get super attached to fictional characters!!
      Like maybe next year or the following I may try to write one.

      I do what you mean. I've been following your blog for couple of years now but I never had the courage to comment on your posts but I'm glad I did! I know that feeling 🙂


      • I regularly fall in love with my fictional characters. I have a LOT of trouble ending stories. I have my “secret book”, as I call it, that I will never end. It’s for me… and I’m in love with my hero in the story.

        I miss writing poetry… and fiction, too. I’ve been in a slump for well over a year. 🙁

        I’m glad you decided to comment on my blog! And I’m sorry I haven’t been posting anything good lately… no poetry, no fiction…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, it is okay.. everyone goes through a slump. There is no saying how long it goes on for.
        Aww that’s so nice to have that!!
        Maybe if you do want to write poetry or fiction you can get ideas based of on your own secret book! Or looking at prompts. Those do seem to help me, when I go through one of my blocks.. There’s plenty of fictional prompts on instagram..

        Liked by 1 person

      • Prompts never seem to help me. I think I can only write when I am inspired from within myself. I can’t get that from a prompt. And it seems that I’m not inspired anymore. It’s like I’ve already written everything I have inside me and I’m all dried up.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nah.. you ain’t dried up.
        Prompts are not everybody’s cup of tea.. I understand.
        But here’s the thing about being artists.. we don’t need a reason to get working.. even if some random thing inspires us.. we get going.. we all just need that push. When we are “dormant” it’s just a way of stocking up the creative juice xD

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Great ending – and solving crimes asleep is a nice touch, although it was the team. I attempt to write or game in my sleep, but the keyboard or mouse vanishes. I would love to read this through as one post – or three as I did with my 2019 crime after A to Z was over. Well done Sleuth Survivor Swapna.

    Liked by 1 person

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