It’s good to hear from you all again!

Here is the “proof” that I solved, I mean completed my A-Z 2020

(See what I did there 😉)


This was my third year participating and second year completing it! I just couldn’t finish it last year. But I am so glad I did this year.

My theme revolved around a murder mystery and for a lack of name I ended up calling it. I should probably work on the title. Any suggestions based on the story? I’d be happy to hear about it in the comments!

If you stumbled across this post and haven’t read any of my posts, then you can find the entire series here.

I enjoyed every minute writing this. I had so many ideas on how to make it trickier and more unsolvable. I honestly wanted to put in more riddles like the one I managed to write in V is for Valuable. I wanted to mess around with numbers and lay out more clues but I guess that required more prior planning. I was happy that I scheduled at least the first 8-9 posts even before the challenge began. That really helped me. After about O, I wrote every night and scheduled it for the next afternoon. I lowkey love the schedule option!

I have been receiving so much love, I am so overwhelmed. This was the best year of the 3 so far, in terms of both reads and comments. You guys are so, so kind! Thank you all for that. Kudos to the A-Z team for once again hosting such a massive event effortlessly!! You should definitely check their website out!

I enjoyed reading your theories and knowing who you all suspected and why. It was hard to not let your comments affect my flow.

If you did participate in the challenge and I haven’t read your posts, please do drop in your links in my comments, I’ll hop in shortly. Road trip is going to start soon anyways 🙂

Take care and Stay safe,

Dream ❤


22 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Once again, congrats on a great A to Z. I always wanted to write mysteries but never really followed through. Guess I tell my stories in my scrapbooking. Time to relax a bit.

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  2. I enjoyed your story. And congratulations on finishing the challenge. This was my fifth year. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I started doing these! I’m not as happy with my posts this year, but I did it. I think the theme is key. You had a good one with the continuous story.

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    1. Woah! 5 years!! That’s amazing. I liked your letters! I loved reading them and some of them even had pingbacks to older posts that I enjoyed reading about.. like your college stories.. It all helped connect with you 🙂

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      1. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I wonder if a different theme would have felt better for me when writing, but I struggled to even come up with one at all. I just didn’t want to skip the challenge… I wanted to keep my streak going.

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  3. I loved your series and I’m so glad that we were able to connect. Congratulations on being a survivor. ♥️
    The schedule option is so great, isn’t it? I fell in love with it ever since I started 6WSP, my very own six word story prompt.

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