Today’s post is going to be a little long.

If I have to wrap it tomorrow, then both today’s and tomorrow’s post will be slightly long.

The end is near, can you feel it?

I am only referring to the A-Z challenge and nothing else 😛

Holly’s POV

Quince arrived half an hour after I had that disgusting yet satisfactory conversation with Will.

I saw him ride by from the chic cafe I had gone to get my breakfast.

When I got back, Quince looked like he was expecting me. Mr.Prongers or Alexis must have told him that I was looking for him. 

Quince stepped out to meet me. He didn’t show any signs of nervousness or anxiety. He had a relaxed demeanour. 

“Hi Quince. I’m Holly. I just want to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Hello, Holly. Okay. Go on.”

“Do you know John Gavish?”

“Yeah, like I said earlier, he was her psycho ex.”

“Okay. Do you know anything more about him? Any other information that might seem insignificant”?

“No. Nothing.”

“ Have you seen him? Did he ever meet Brianna after they had broken up?”

“ I have seen him a couple of times. He came here, just after they’d broken up, begging her to take him back. She didn’t want him there so I escorted him out.”

“How did he react to you being her boyfriend?”

“We weren’t dating then. We only started going out well after 4 months after she had broken up.”

“Okay. When was the other time?”

“Excuse me?”, Quince questioned, slightly confused.

“ You just said that you had seen John a couple of times. When else did you see him?”

“Once after we started dating. He barged in yelling at her and accusing her of moving on too soon. It upset her but she wouldn’t put up with him anymore, you know? She yelled back at him and that shocked him and he walked away before I could intervene.”

“Why did they break up?”

Quince hesitated.

“It is okay. You can tell me. I’m not going to tell anyone the details.”

He took a deep breath in, “He was all nice, yeah? But he had his moments. He would get angry at small silly things. At first it was occasionally but then it became more frequent. And all those nice, happy moments were nowhere to be seen. She said he was so irritable that she’d rather sit in her room than talk to him. 

That’s not how it’s supposed to be, when you’re in love, yeah? You should be able to spend good quality time together and be able to communicate without being toxic, you know?”

He paused, clearly in pain. 

I didn’t say a word and waited for him to continue. 

After a minute or two, he took another deep breath, “ We were only together 7 months. We still had so much to know about each other. She couldn’t open up. She let him in too fast and she wouldn’t make the same mistake. She was with him for a long time and she was so unhappy. 

And after all that she’d been through, I understood and never pushed her. She took her time and started letting me in slowly and, and it was all good.”

“ Quince. Did you know about her job?”

“I had asked her a couple of times but she brushed it off. I didn’t ask again cause I knew when it was time, she would tell me by herself. The time finally arrived. 

She was going to tell me that day. That day-”

“I know this must be very hard for you but what happened that day? How did you learn of her…?”

“I was at her home, she was moving into a new place, yeah?

I was helping her. We had been working a while. I ordered pizza and it arrived quite late. I had to get back to the shop and lock up, so I left. We agreed to continue unpacking the next day and she promised she wouldn’t work without me. Everything seemed normal. So normal…”

“Last question Quince and then I’ll let you be”

Before I could ask him, my phone buzzed. Ellie was calling. 

“Excuse me, Quince. I got to take this.”

I stepped a couple of feet away and answered the call. 

“Hey El”


She seemed very excited. Good news again?, gee we are on a roll!

“Yeah El?”

“Xanthan. Does it ring a bell?”

“Xanthan. I don’t know, seems familiar. Keep talking.”

She went on to explain everything from the key, hidden in the pants to her finding the engraved letters.

“Oh El!! Xanthan. That was the logo of Brianna’s school when she was in elementary school.”

“Woah. God! She is gooood,” El exclaimed. 

I chuckled at good old Ellie, “ I’ll text you the address”

“Thanks, Holly! Byeee.”

I walked back to Quince. He seemed to be lost in thought. I still couldn’t believe he had yielded out this much information. He definitely must have realized there was no point in hiding everything, after all.

I cleared my throat to catch his attention. 


“Okay, like I said, last one. Quick thoughts on Will.”

“Oh him. He is what he is. Pretty much written all over his face. Doofus, doesn’t respect women. I don’t know how Alexis puts up with him. Brianna wouldn’t allow him anywhere closer than 3 feet. Involved with the bad set of people. Drugs, alcohol, girls and what not.”


“Yeah, Weed, cocaine, heroin, you name it.”

“Thank you Quince. You have been very helpful. Trust me, it gets better. Take care.”


All the pieces were falling into place but we still needed a couple of more pieces to see the picture. We were about to solve this very hard, very peculiar case. I could just feel it

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