A X word! Woohoo! I didn’t cheat like last time xD

For all those that have newly turned up on my blog, this post is a part of the ongoing A-Z challenge. It is a continuous series and all my posts can be found here

Ellie’s POV

I had the key!!

I couldn’t wait to share the news. I called Graciela.

She picked after the fourth ring.

“Hey boss. I’ve got good news!”

“Hey El. That’s amazing”, she whispered.

“Why are you whispering boss? Are you okay?”

“Yes El. I’m at the hospital.”


I paused. 

I didn’t want to ask her about anything cause I couldn’t bear to hear bad news. 

Graciela sensed my hesitation.

She replied back, confidently, “ It is all okay. Don’t worry.”

“Oh thank God. I’ll catch you later boss.”


I was so relieved. 

My eyes fell upon the key that I was tossing around mindlessly . It wasn’t an ordinary key at all. The number 414 was engraved boldly on it. What could it possibly stand for?

 The key in itself wasn’t old but the make and type was definitely old. They stopped manufacturing this type of key a good 10 years ago. Asking around would be a waste of time.  

Over the past couple of days, I had developed a lot of respect and admiration for Brianna. She was super smart, sneaky and maintained every aspect of her life. She also liked to keep it old school whenever matters were serious. That was a sure shot indication that whatever this key opens, it had to be something important. 

The key slipped and fell down. How butterfingers of me. 

When I bent down to pick the key up, what I saw stunned me. 

My, I had to give it to her. She was totally bad-ass.

In every groove and depression of the key was small engravings. 

I walked up to her kitchen and got myself a bottle of water.

Using that as a makeshift magnifying glass, I managed to get a better look at the engravings.

X, A, N, T, H, A, N

It spelled out to be Xanthan. 

Like the flower?

What did that have anything to do with Brianna?

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