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Liz’s POV

Everything was trance like from the moment I had shut my eyes. Everything was in my head but nothing was clear. 

I could see so many images but none focused. None detailed. It was just a series of one random image after the other. 

A lot of them seem to be case related but I couldn’t infer conclusively from it. I know I was thinking about the case. I wanted to solve it. But it all seemed so distant. Like that wasn’t the most important thing. I wanted to get out of it. I wanted it to end. But I couldn’t. I didn’t seem strong enough to get out of it. 

I was struggling, I could feel that. I knew it but yet I could do nothing. It was as if my body was bound by iron chains. Every step I would take forward I’d be pulled back twice as much. 

I was stuck. Stuck in something that I didn’t know I could be in. How did I even get into this in the first place? 

Was it all some sordid dream? 

That’s when I heard Graciela’s voice. 

I knew it was her. I couldn’t hear her clearly but I knew she was talking to me. I wanted to reach out to her. And speak to her. And make her listen to me. But I couldn’t.

Broken phrases of her conversation slipped through this invisible barrier. She said something about a witness who refused to speak? 

Wait, a witness? 

This case had a witness!? Why didn’t we know about this earlier? 

I was able to go about and do my work in the beginning but like I said now, I feel like my chains have tightened. I couldn’t budge. 

But who was this witness that Gracie was talking about? I wanted to ask her so badly but I couldn’t.

12 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. I hope it’s just the exhaustion from the tiring case that is playing nasty tricks on Liz. But the ‘witness’ stuff seems to be some clue that is slipping out of her hands which would give the direction to the investigation.

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