Graciela’s POV

I missed Liz. 

I missed her joyous outbursts, her impulsiveness, her very often and very loud, “Oh I got it”, followed by a very quick “Nope, that’s not it.”

I knew then, I had to see her. 

Talking to her always cleared my head. And I could really use that for this case. 

It just gets weirder by the moment. An esteemed cop fretting about a missing dog. A dog that in all reality wasn’t missing at all. And him being a heroin addict. I know that isn’t how I pictured him to be but I’m just so appalled. It all seemed very plausible.

The drugs may have no relation to the case whatsoever but it was a lead. 

We could figure out who sold that type by sending it to the lab for analysis and a quick run through by the database.

Work for tomorrow morning was set. All we had to do was wait for the lab results and dig up information on Quince and Will.

I had arrived at my destination by the time my mind had finished thinking about the case.

I let myself in. 

She was sleeping. Why I even expected something else, I don’t know.

She still looked so beautiful.

My poor Liz.

How can I do this without you? 

We have such a confusing case and the only witness refuses to talk.

10 thoughts on “Reminisce

  1. Keep my fingers crossed for Grace and Liz to patch up. Together definitely they would see the closure of the case at the earliest…ofcourse not before the Z post though!
    And is there something over and above that meets the eyes between Grace and Liz?

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  2. Your twitter handle is not embedded in the sharing button. I just realised it today. I hope that Graciela and Liz can work together once again. Time is running out and we don’t want the leads to run cold! Eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s installment. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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