Test Results

Graciela’s POV

Today was going to be a big day. 

I woke up to this thought. I had lost all but a tad bit of hope for this case. That hope resided in those test results. We were not waiting in anticipation for one but two test results. And some information had to have surfaced about Quince and Will by now.

This is one of those rare days in the case that we had so many different angles to pursue this case. 

It was a serious thought but I couldn’t help laugh at how we still haven’t found a motive. This was embarrassing, even for me. I have been in some pretty embarrassing situations, courtesy Liz. 

Liz. It seems like I can’t get her out of my head these days. Usually I can’t wait to detoxify and take my mind off the case and my work but hey, not having your partner around will do that to you.

I do hope she gets better.

As soon as I reached work, I headed for Holly’s table. She heard me coming and beamed at me.

“Well I sure hope that  isn’t a regular Good Morning temporary boss beam!”

“ Nah, boss”, Holly chuckled.

“Well then..? Go on!”

“ Finally some news. Good news to be precise”, Holly exclaimed.

“Oh thank the Lord! Spill already!”

“The lab results came back. That type of heroin is only sold by one dealer in our  town. The Cobras. Its premium quality and it costs quite a bit. 

And Guess who is associated with the biggest, baddest drug dealing gang?”

“My bet is on Will”

“You guessed right boss.

Will and John have to have met at some point. It is impossible that people who are associated with the biggest drug dealers don’t know each other. Either that or Will is selling to John, which means they were in direct or indirect contact”, Holly pointed out.

She was absolutely right.

“Well, John can’t run away or hide. He has been placed in the best rehab for now. We will have to see how involved he was in the case to figure out what should be done with him. 

What about Quince?  Did you find anything about him?”

“No boss. I went through his phone records, bank account. Everything is legit. Checked for an offshore account, illegal dealings, absolutely nothing turned up.”

“ We’ll just have to talk to him then. Also did you find out whether Brianna was working any case currently?”

“Ellie is on it boss. She’s going through her things. She found some sort of password engraved key.  She had a hunch it was for a storage locker, she is pursuing that.”

“Great work Holly! Do you want to go talk to Quince?”

“Are you sure boss?”

“Yes. Go on. You got this!”

“Thanks boss. Catch you later.”

Now I just had to head back to the hospital and speak to the doctor.  Here’s to hoping that the news I receive would be as good as the one I got or even better!

13 thoughts on “Test Results

  1. Grace has got the leads that she badly needed and that augurs no well with the culprit.
    The story is picking up with full steam and that makes me excited!

    Liked by 1 person

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