Hey all!

How are you guys?

Hope everyone is finding creative ways to kill time. It is totally okay if you spend it doing nothing! That’s what I have been upto anyways 🙂

I know, enough chatter and get on with the post. Well your wish is my command.

Today’s post is from a new Point of View and tomorrow’s too!


Holly’s POV

I was excited to go see Quince and uncover the secrets he held. It was impossible that a boy of that type had never been in trouble or had never caused it. I was peculiarly anxious. I couldn’t wait to get this over with!

I drove up to Tonique’s Antiquities. I was greeted by Mr.Prongers and Alexis.

“Good Morning sir. I am Holly. I am a part of the team investigating the murder.”

“ Good day to you lady, How may I help you?”

“I have got this Dad. You can sit down and finish your morning coffee”, Alexis interjected.

“Oh I am sorry for inconveniencing you-”

“It is not an issue, young lady. What is it that you wanted?”, Mr.Prongers replied before I could finish my sentence.

“I just had to talk to Quince. That is all.”

“He isn’t here at the moment. He won’t be here for at least an hour or so. His shift doesn’t start till noon”, Alexis replied rather well rehearsed. 

If he was out then I could either get breakfast or have a crack at Will. That is hoping he was even around in the first place. 

“Oh okay. I’ll wait for him. In the meantime, is Will around?

I would like to have a word with him as well.”

“Sure hold on Miss. I’ll have him here right away.” 

He looks at Alexis, signalling her to call him. Alexis sighs and goes on to call her brother.

I take a good look around while waiting for Alexis to show up with her brother. The place wasn’t half as bad it would seem to be. Just some touch up work and it could have great potential.

Alexis walks in with her brother right behind her. 

Great another round of putting up with this perv. 


I step outside the shop, signalling Will to do the same. 

“I knew you would be back!”, he said with a smug look on his face.


“What do you know about the Cobras?”

His eyes widened in shock and his jaw dropped. He looks around as if to see if someone is listening to our conversation. 

He leans in and whispers, “Right to the chase huh babe?”

“Answer the question Will!”

“ I deal for them occasionally.”

“ Deal what?”

“ A pack of cards, honey”, he sniggered. 

I raised my eyebrows at him with exasperation written all over my face.

“Heroin. The exclusive kind.”

“ Done a lot of dealing lately?”

“Now, now. What kind of dealer would I be if I tell a cop everything about it?”

“What if you dealt to a cop?”

“Ooo, looking for some action? I can be a great provider”

“I meant, Have you dealt to a cop before?”

He pauses as if to think which lie would be best suited. 

“No, you would be my first babe.”

“Enough with the lies Will. Yes or No. If not now, you will have to say it in court anyways. But what will your precious gang think of you going to the court and talking to lawyers? I don’t think they’d be so fond of you afterwards Will”

“Okay. Okay. No need to get so rough. Though if that’s what you like..”

My patience was wearing thin. I reached out for my cuffs-

“Fine. Once or twice.”



“Who Will?”

“Some dude, John Gavish”

I knew it!

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