Another Year

So another year’s gone by and my Blog is officially 2 years and 2 daysold!!!

I remember the 21st of December 2016, such a newbie, posting and waiting just waiting for people to view my blog.

Here I am, 2 years later… Thankful to have waited cause this year has been phenomenal!!!

My first A to Z was a successful challenge according to me. I wrote everyday and churned out a story that made sense, had cliff hangers and I totally enjoyed the rush of writing it.

Earning 220’s people’s follows, doubling the views I got last year, truly what a great year it has been!!! All thanks to the A to Z challenge!

Personally, this year has been filled with ups and downs.. the specialities you ask? Well the up’s were really high and the downs were as deep as Mariana Trench.

Made a few new great friends that I am so thankful for. Met some amazing online personalities and found many acquaintances!!!

This year has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. Currently I’m super grateful and happy while writing this post. And also weirdly hunger though it’s like 1:20 am here. Midnight cravings here I come 😂

Merry Merry Christmas and I wish you A Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year 🎆

P.S: Hopefully I come here before the 31st

If you have gotten to the bottom of this post and are still reading this then.. THANK YOU ❤️

P.P.S: Thank you, next is a whole mood I totally relate to ❤️



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