12 Years

Today my house turns 12 12 whole years of making a house into a home Hey!! I hope you guys are safe and doing well! I know its been a while since I blogged and I am just so sad that I missed this year's A-Z. But there was no possible way I could have … Continue reading 12 Years


So today I discovered my love for colours in an other form.Every drop of red represents the pain, the love and how with a single trigger the outburst goes on.Growing slowly, picking up in magnitude fueling chaos, the chaos that you run or that which runs you.It takes control of every emotion and expresses it … Continue reading Paint


Did you know? You are a poetic mirage. Dancing under the moonlight Staring at the stars. Blinking those innocent eyes And bating those lashes. Did you know? You freed me from all that brought me sadness You freed me from my chains. You showed how to be whole again. But, Do you know? You are … Continue reading Her