Kate’s POV

It was a very chilly night. The temperature had dropped down considerably. The cold accompanied with the silence made me shiver slightly.

Dave was hard at work and he rowed furiously in silence. I helped as much as I could and the only time he spoke was when he urged me to take a break. My hands were sore and I willingly took the break , promising myself to go back after a few minutes.

I took in my surroundings. Pitch black with no moon I wondered how Dave could see and get us safely without toppling the raft. He refused to use a torchlight in case someone was following us and we were spotted.
After a while he slowed down and I gradually started to make conversation.

He was a mystery. The more I spoke to him the less I got to know and the more curious I became. He was a guarded man and what he was afraid of I didn’t know.

I was too waered out. I felt bad that I couldn’t be of more help. He asked me to get some sleep. Shutting my eyes I let my thoughts flow till sleep came to me. I was anxious if I’d still reach Leo and then I calmed myself. If Dave had to do anything else he would have done so by now.

Next morning I woke up to the raft being in other miniature port. At first I was scared that it was the same and that Dave had tricked me. But on closer analysis I realised that the trees around were different. These had fruits and just then my stomach rumbled. I didn’t know if it was safe to eat and didn’t want to wake Dave who was passed out on the corner of the raft. He was so visibly weary.

I moved out quietly to explore our surroundings. The water was shallow and I could see fishes swimming by. Coming to the impulsive decision of fishing I looked around for a suitable stick. Groaning about not having any string, I tried my luck by looking at our small safe box. Nothing.

That’s when I spotted a harpoon like thing. I had never used one before but had seen one of Bill’s minions use it for fishing. I tired my hand at it. I missed the first few times and finally captured 3 medium-sized fishes. That wasn’t so bad.

The forest was not too dense and I could clearly make my way in and out of it. Using the sharpened end of the harpoon I started to cut down the thin but strong vines without making any noise.

Just like the good old ancient days, I lit a fire and started to cook. Dave woke up to the smell of fish. Just as hungry as me I suppose. He was equally surprised and pleased to see that I’d made us a little something to eat.

Image result for bonfire near forest

While we were having our breakfast a chill ran through my spine. I became apprehensive and wary. A chill in this pleasant weather only meant something was wrong. Call me superstitious but my gut had always been right and right now it kept sending warning signals.


The use of weary and wary are often confused.  I was trying to search for a word starting with W, and I came across these 2.

So hopefully now you’d get a clearer picture of what these 2 mean after reading my post.

Thanking you for your love and support.


Dream ❤🌈

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