I was mildly intrigued by the fact that they could speak English. I already knew that they would kill me but I just needed to know when and how.

The added advantage was I could think about it not bothering about the fact that they were talking to me because I was supposed to be dumb and now they’ll think I’m deaf too which works.

Excitement courses through my veins. I was scared but I had no choice. I had to succeed. What they practised wasn’t humane at all. That needed to stop too.

A plan of action started to take place. I needed a big distraction so that I could somehow convey my message to Leanna and the tribe.

That’s when things started to go haywire. A distant roar quietened the men who were planning. It jolted me from my thoughts. If I thought this situation couldn’t get any worse I was wrong.

The roar quietened down to a low growl and I could hear it approach us. Behold the magnificent lion. If that animal wasn’t about to kill us all I would actually stop and admire it’s majestic demeanor.

Image result for open mouthed lion

The lion was closer to these men who were conversing in a group away from me. I was actually tied up to a thick log with a fire site below. Thank the lord it wasn’t lit yet.

I should really thank my stars or just say it was my luck. The lion gave one last piercing roar and totally ignored the men. It strode up to me and along with that log in his mouth sauntered off to the other side.

I was safe. I was free from those man-eating humans. At least for now. But now I had bigger more majestic problems to deal with.

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