Bill’s POV

Why does everything in this blithering world have to go against me?

It all started when Dave ran away from the wheel. I had already suspected that lad. He seemed to eager, way to eager to get the job. At first I thought he was just desperate to make a quick buck but as I got to know more about him, he seemed pretty well off. Nevertheless he was hardworking and I hired him.

I needed another man to get some few things done, an outsider so that he wouldn’t suspect. The men I already had knew a lot and I could say I didn’t exactly trust them a 100%.

I met Kate at our reunion party and I foolishly let out I was a captain. She was naïve and thought I led a cruise ship and asked if I was going on tour anytime soon. So of course I lied to her saying that we were and obviously she wanted to come.

After that we spoke a few times and I got our ship cruise ready by then. The day finally arrived and I was happy to see her. Later on I realised she wasn’t alone and she had invited her boyfriend along. What a sight it was seeing them together. Always touchy.

Then Dave ran off and I already suspected where he had been. I questioned threateningly but he always had the same reply. Things seemed to go smooth until the storm. I was sorry that the love birds had split.

What angered me was the closeness between Dave and Kate and I was sure I’d be busted. I didn’t exactly know what they intend to do but I knew they were up to something. Also Leo was far away. I couldn’t do anything. He was closer to the other boat. Why couldn’t he have been closer to ours. It would have been easier. Much easier.

Now Dave and Kate had run away obviously to find Leo. Now it was my time to rise. Vengeance would be served. And I know it would be best if it is served cold.

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