Marry Me


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We walked towards the beach and I was happy to have someone to talk to. We did not speak much on our way. Settling down on a couple of rocks near the sea, our conversation sparked.

So tell me about you Leanna.

Umm my English is not really good.

That’s alright. Little bit of English will do too.

Where do I start?

Why did you leave?

My tribe, girl needs permission for everything from her dad or husband. Only if she Queen then she in charge. Her work only cooking, cleaning, planting, kids. It is very..


Yes tradishional. Father wanted son, took him long time to accept me. My young brother is favourite. That made me sad. I didn’t want to cook or clean. So I left. I learnt different things from kind lady in city. She taught English. She made me feel not scared. She is very good.

Wow so you must have a had very tough childhood.

No and yes. Father still loved me but in different way. Did not express it. I have friends.

And boys…?
Not allowed she said with a glint in her eye as if she was hiding something.

Oh come on, I coaxed her to tell me.

Okay okay, one she said.


But I am getting married to him. Donny. His father and my father close friends, marriage already fixed when we young.

So you don’t like him? You are not happy? I’ll go talk to your dad. Of course with your help.

No, no we like each other. She blushed a bright pink.
I was so relieved that she was taken, I don’t even know why.

Can you Marry Me?
Whaaat!! I thought you like him.

Oh I meant can you marry us?

Lol that sounded wrong.

You want me to marry you both off. ?
Yes. I would like that.

Why do you want me to marry you guys off? You hardly know me.
You only person in island to understand apart from Donny. I cannot talk like this with him freely but.

Why not?
I’m not allowed to be seen alone with boy.

Then me?
Father say ok this time. He knows that you are alone. No one to talk. And that you are in love with someone who not his daughter.

So kind of him. Wait what?

Yes you talk in sleep. When they found you. You kept saying something chate again and again. My people heard you.

You mean Kate.. yeah she is my girlfriend. 3 years now. Met her in college and been in love with her since.

That’s really nice. What about your mother, father? Brother, sister..?

My mother, sister and her husband live together. My father is no more. My brother live with his family close to my mother’s house. I am the youngest.

I am sorry.

Its alright.

It’s getting dark we should go now.

Yes, you should go back. I want to be here for a while. I like looking at the stars and the ocean. Go ahead. I’ll join you.

And in the shadows she disappeared leaving me behind with my thoughts and memories


about my Kate and my family.

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