The next morning I woke up to a great commotion. All the locals had gathered in a huge circle. I was curious and tried to squeeze my way to the front.

Right in the middle of the circle, stood the cause of this commotion. The chief, I recognised him due to his elaborate headgear, stood proudly communicating with his tribe.

Of course I couldn’t understand a word. Just when I was about to turn back, the tribe broke into a loud cheer and applause. The chief held his hand out and the most gorgeous girl took his hand. I realised that she was his daughter. I had never seen her before.

She stood gracefully but with a certain air of boldness. She wasn’t the typical shy girl I had seen in the tribe. Her eyes were a beautiful blue and was as calm as the sea this morning. She was tall as compared to her tribe women and her long black-brown hair was tied up. Her skin, Oh my Lord, her skin was breath taking.

Yikes what was I getting myself into.

Looking around I saw that all the men had the same affect.

For some reason, they all rushed up towards her to shake her hand. I assumed that they were congratulating her. So I promptly stood in the line and waited for my turn not wanting to be rude by going away.

At last, I shook her hand and not knowing what to say in their language I ended up saying “Congratulations”.

She replied back saying, “Thank you”.

I was shocked. She spoke English! Wow she spoke English!!

Greatly surprised all I could say was how.

She laughed. Oh that laugh. She said in that a low, naïve but confident voice of hers that, “I was the first person to leave this island. I wanted to learn about the world out there and so I left after having a huge debate with my tribe. I have lived most of my life in Venezuela, studying. That is how I know English, I wanted to study in English.”

That’s awesome, I am so glad you learnt English now I get someone to talk to, I said in awe.

I am Leanna.

Leanna, what a beautiful name. I am Leo.

We decided to walk and I had a brilliant conversation after not being understood for 3 days.

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