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I whisper shriek at Xavia.

“I did something bad. Really screwed it up Val”

“Yeah. I heard you before. Just, explain everything”

“Val, remember I told you I went out with this guy a couple of weeks back”

“Yeah, the new guy, the one you met at your weekly office meet”

“Yup. The good looking one with the voice that made him hotter. He is so going to get paid more. Why can’t my voice be hot?  Sure I like that I don’t really have to work a ton by making audio books and it pays well.. But if my voice was hotter.. It would be so-”

I clear my throat and look at her with impatience and slight annoyance.

“Okay okay. Yeah so. We went out. To that all night happy hour bar. Annnnd. He cursed at the waiter, or that’s what I thought. He had actually stubbed his toe. But before he could say that, I went all nuclear on him and said so many things. I even distinctly remember yelling at him. Oh Val, he was nice. We even had sparks. But I ruined it. I scared him off. He definitely thinks I have issues now. Not that I don’t. But on the first date…”,

,her voice softens as she speaks.. Till she’s barely heard

And she can’t contain it any longer and she bursts, hiding her face in her palms. 

I move across the table closer to her, to be able to hold her, whispering rapidly,

“Shit happens”, “It’s okay.” “You just have to ask him for a second chance if it matters so much”. “It’ll be okay Xavia”

And instead of finding her crying, she is actually giggling. This grown ass woman is giggling till she’s tearing up.

“REALLY, Xavia Isa Mendoa?. Are you freaking serious, right now?”

“Come on Valerie Lila Davis. Lighten up.”

Still giggling she says,

“Your face Val. Oh my god. So worth it!!!”

I look at her and roll my eyes,

“Your sense of humour is totally broken.”

“No. I am totally broken. And any 11th grader of yours would so appreciate my sense of humour!”

“Firstly don’t remind me of school. I still have three whole weeks! Secondly, no you aren’t totally broken!”

“Uh Huh”,

she looks at me with a raised eyebrow!

“Okay, so you’re a little broken. But so am I. And so is everyone! And I realise that we’re all broken in our own ways, and just because some of us have sharp pointy broken ends and the rest of us have rounded edges doesn’t imply we aren’t broken!”

A small smile creeps up into Xav’s eyes. Boy do I know the way to cheer her up. 

“Oh my very wise Val. Thank you.”,

she says, trying to sound sarcastic.

“Okay. Good. So now tell me what’s really bothering you.”

“The freaky writing thing is back again.”

“Oh no, Xavia.”

Another cliff hanger, hehe

If you have been reading my A-Z’s from the past years then you know I love cliff hangers!

And you shall know what happens next only two days later! (Yay Sunday 🙂 )

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See you,

Dream ❤

29 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Nice! These characters are charming! I do agree, we are all broken in some way. The trick is to find people in your life who are more-or-less broken in the same way you are.

    Very curious to find out what the “freaky writing thing” is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t tell me you’ve figured out a way to get Xavia bothered with the writing thing – the A-Z challenge! 😀 That would be funny! Girl friend conversations are so all over the place, best things ever!
    Deepa from FictionPies

    Liked by 1 person

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