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Hey lovelies!

Today’s post is the halfway mark!!


Congratulations to all the ones still conquering this challenge!!

*pats myself on the back*

Thank you to all my readers for the constant encouragement. You guys are amazing. I know I’ve dropped more than a couple of cliffhanger’s but ah you’re welcome xD

Without anymore chattering from my side, here is why you actually came 🙂

Graciela’s POV
By the time we were all done with the interrogation it was time for lunch. We all sat down at our corner for a quick 30m lunch to exchange stories.
Ellie started first. She had run all three of their names in the database and pulled out their files.
The daughter, Alexis was more or less clean. Just a DUI, misdemeanour and a couple of unpaid parking bills. Will had a slightly more colourful report. Improper conduct, misdemeanour, a couple of infractions, a bunch of DUI’s and involvement in drug dealing.
Quince on the other hand, had moved to the US when he was 17 and has been here since. He had a freakishly clean record. Ellie said there was absolutely nothing that he had done wrong. He paid his taxes, his bills everything on time. Or he definitely knew how to clean up his tracks well. She said that she would keep digging.
Now onto the interrogation stories.
“Alexis hung out with Brianna a couple of times and described her as easy going and fun. She suspected that Quince and her were going out. She also said that her nitwit brother might have a thing for her. He did seem awfully interested in her life. She didn’t know her well enough to know what Brianna’s allergies were. She had never heard of a John Gavish.
I think I believe her. She seems nice enough and has no possible motive unless she was scared her dad would end up giving the shop to a part time employee.”
“True. Holly what did you think of the brother, Will?”
“What a complete ass. He wouldn’t stop ogling. He would always find a way to deviate from the question and ask personal questions.

Doesn’t seem to give a damn about anyone and especially not Brianna.

He even said he didn’t like her kind. I don’t know if he was referring to her being a African-American which is downright racist or if he somehow knew that she was a CI.
I do feel the name John Gavish sprung a hint of expression on his otherwise wide ogling eyes but he chose not to say much and started to deviate.
He seems likely but he if is a perv then why would he kill her? There were no signs of sexual assault.

Could the motive of murder just be jealously? A love triangle, no wait, a love square gone wrong?”

We all listened intently to the theory put forward by Holly. It seemed plausible. And then I continued to tell them about Quince.
As we sat there finishing up on lunch and mulling through the possibilities my mind went to John Gavish and decided that it was time to pay him a visit.

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