I am overwhelmed with the amount of support and love this story has been getting. This is my first full fledged story and all your thoughts are very encouraging! So, Thank you for your support!!

P.S: I absolutely love how this post ends! I did not realize that the next post would only be on Monday, so that leaves all the readers not one but two days in suspense. Hehe I love how coincidentally this was lined up!


Dream ❤

Continuing with G

After spending more than an hour reasoning with Bill, I stepped out of the Poop Deck (no kidding, it is the part of the deck located on the stern, basically used by the ship superiors to observe nautical proceedings)

Moving towards the promenade deck, I saw that the ocean’s tide was dangerously high. Each wave was bigger than the other and they were all close to capsizing this ship. The Caribbean sea was no longer Gentle. It was mid May and storms and depression arose only in June. But as my luck would have it, the storm was already on our backs.

I tried searching for Kates everywhere. I went back to our suite which was now half filled with water. I was glad to see that she wasn’t there.

I went back to the library, hoping to find her and probably some information. We had just passed Jamaica else we could have harboured there safely. Turning back now would be a suicide mission.

I couldn’t seem to find anything useful and neither could I find her. Frustrated I started venturing out to places I had not seen before.

A fleet of stairs led me to the tween deck. (It’s an empty space separating two other decks). To my right I could see the Bridge Deck. ( room from which the ship is commanded.) My left led me to another fleet of stairs leading downstairs.

Venturing out I came towards the lower deck. While I moved further inwards I passed by the room in which our dance night was held.

On reaching a dead end, I was disappointed. I was just about to retrace my path when I observed shoe prints. This part of the ship had obviously captured less attention. It was dusty and tad bit too dark. No one would come here without a reason or they would if they were like me. Going with the former theory, I started tapping softly on the panels of the dead-end.

Ta-da! A hollow panel. Oh wait hollow panels!!

My excitement started to brew even more. I needed to break it down but also be able to put it back up. On more careful observation with the flashlight in my pocket, I found the tiniest screw at the bottom of the panel. Opening it with my pocket knife I saw a medium sized room.

This room led to me another door which was obviously locked. After a long struggle in shimming up the relatively new lock in this old place, I opened the door to a large room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw dropped when I saw the room. All I could do was stare in disbelief.

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