In front of my eyes, lay the greatest amount of treasure I have ever seen in my whole life. The entire room was glittering gold. I couldn’t even imagine how much this gold was worth.

Historical gold, silver and bronze coins, crowns, jewels, rubies, emeralds,sapphires swords with hilts of diamonds, pearls, strings of pearls, solitaire diamonds you name it, everything was there in that one large room.

Image result for room full of treasure

No wonder Bill didn’t want to part with the ship. He was a billionaire. If he left his ship then he would be down on the roads. Putting everything back in its place I hurried back to find Kates.

I had to tell her this. Heck, I needed to show her this. This was way too exciting. So many theories about Bill and his gold started to form in my head, the top most being a modern day pirate with a skeleton crew.

On reaching back to the top I realised how much worse our situation had become. We had maximum 5 minutes before the ship capsized. Bill had finally ordered down the lifeboats. Everyone was rushing into it with whatever belongings they had grabbed.

I couldn’t see Bill or Kate anywhere. I looked below to the already loaded first lifeboat and she wasn’t there. The last few people were getting onto the second boat.

That’s when I heard my name being called repeatedly and so I turned.. Kate!!! There she was dripping wet but very much alive and breathing. My beautiful Kates.

As I tried to rush towards her something exploded, water rushed in from all sides, my vision blurred and I could distantly hear Kates crying out my name and then I blanked out.

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