Heat Waves and Cloud Bursts

Heyyyy!!! I know it has been far too long... I have felt guilty many a times but what matters is I am here now! ANNNNND I am here to stay! I am overjoyed to say that I am now finally a graduate! Ahh all of that work has resulted into a beautiful fruit of a … Continue reading Heat Waves and Cloud Bursts


Two hearts, one valve Would be a medical anomaly Or a miracle Two lives, one life Would be great if one could truly understand the other Dreams will make you cry Yes, and make you bleed Till you either achieve it or give up on it. Love will never die Or is that just a … Continue reading Birds


When she cried The clouds opened up and poured. It was the gentle pitter patter. When she screamed out loud with pain Thunder roared, echoing her screams. When she was breaking down, wailing and shuddering A thunderstorm took over, threatening to destroy everything. A hush here, a hush there consoling herself by watching her creation. … Continue reading Creation


Listen, Life can't always be like lemongrass and larkspur. You know that.  You know that all too well. But life isn't all thorns and thistles. And we need to remind ourselves that. Constantly. Daily. So Henceforth Find your ray of light or beacon of hope, Do you have it? Good, hold on to it and … Continue reading Listen


An unfamiliar sound beats in my heart Shivering with fear Drenched in insecurities Engulfed by pain. An overwhelming desire to scream Memories crashing by Stinging tears cascading down All around pin drop silence. What's it to you, you don't understand me And to even think to yourself that you love me How could you possibly, … Continue reading Blind