Fo(u)r Your Eyes

I did mention that I wanted to continue this series, right after I had finished this year's A-Z. And so here I am, 5/6 months later xD You can find my previous posts of this series here: Your Eyes T(w)o Your Eyes Treat Your Eyes So please do read the previous posts before you read … Continue reading Fo(u)r Your Eyes


So today I discovered my love for colours in an other form.Every drop of red represents the pain, the love and how with a single trigger the outburst goes on.Growing slowly, picking up in magnitude fueling chaos, the chaos that you run or that which runs you.It takes control of every emotion and expresses it … Continue reading Paint

My Words

There are words I have kept insideHidden away, out of sight.Words that are raw, vulnerable and kalonI want to be able to tell you but I'm scared you'll pull out your talon. Maybe it's just me facing another wrath of MauerbauertraurigkeitBut this just gets so hard without youAnd unfortunately I don't have enough Zeit.(Kalon- Ideal … Continue reading My Words


Will you rescue me? I miss you. I miss you more than words can express. Aren't we just flightless birds? Running in circles Running into each other Tip toeing away Is this goodbye to romance? I miss sharing with you I miss our conversations Our laughs Our randomness All are just distant dreams I miss … Continue reading Miss