How can I not fall in love with one of the most simplest ways of being transported into another world? Books, story books. I love them!! I absolutely love reading.  I'm such a crazy person when it comes to reading, I'll read a 600/700 page book in one sitting. I'm a fast reader and that … Continue reading Reading


Okaay so I thought about Q for a long time and this what I ended up with! Not a bad choice after all! Okay coming to the most ironic part of this post, I hate burnt food! But somehow I enjoyed stuff that is barbecued. Also before y'll get your hopes up about reading different … Continue reading bbQ

Nap time!

Apologies for the late post!!! But yes coming to all time favourite thing to do!!! Sleeeeeppp! ♥️ Honestly I love sleep .But sometimes sleep doesn't love me back and I don't get enough of it and that's why I often have affairs with naps .Naps is just wonderful. It's caring and is right there when … Continue reading Nap time!