Lazy Sunday

Hey guys! Today was perfect. The weather, the food and my energy levels. It poured a lot here with speedy winds and mists and rain, lot of rain. I sat down to read, finally. I don't read a lot when I'm writing because I know somehow unconsciously thoughts from a book I found interesting will … Continue reading Lazy Sunday


Hey! I hope you guys are doing alright and are safe. Are you tired of hearing that? Well me too honestly. But eh, such are the times. This post isn't about the gloomy situation. I actually have some good news. So as most of you know, for this year's A-Z I wrote a murder mystery. … Continue reading News


Maybe there's someone some where out there hoping against all odds that you fall for the wrong person. Or Maybe there's someone some where far far away praying that something that is so right may appear wrong. Something that has light hidden deep inside appears dark. Maybe we're all just pawns in a game. Maybe … Continue reading Maybe