Hey guys!

Last week of A-Z and I can’t wait to be done!!!

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Let’s get on with it, shall we?

I take the long way back to Xavia’s car, trying to distract myself from everything that could go wrong. 

I do get a lot of scepticism for this but I believe in my modification of Murphy’s Law. 

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong if I think about it or if someone mentions it”

I didn’t want to go back to the loft so soon. I didn’t want to go back home either on the off chance that Xavia decides to come back. 

But I needed clothes and maybe Xavia was using my house to stay. I could only hope and pray but I knew it couldn’t be so easy.

Life rarely is. 

I went back home and packed a bunch of my clothes, my books, all my work and everything I needed to prepare for school tomorrow.

I even left a note in case Xavia decided to come by.

I stopped by the book cafe to take away some dinner and maybe even a couple of books to distract myself.

She wasn’t there either, but why would she…

Whilst I sat and waited for my food to be prepared, I gave my impending decision utmost focus. 

I couldn’t keep stalling forever and I couldn’t not go to school for another couple of days. 

But with all of this happening, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give a 100% to the job. That wouldn’t be fair to the kids. 

It would make sense to hire that teaching assistant after all. I could pick someone who was both capable of teaching and had the children’s best interests at heart. 

It would also considerably reduce my workload. 

Okay if we announce the opening tomorrow and I power through the applications, then by Friday I could be done with the interviews. 

And on Saturday I could get permission for demo classes. 

Come Monday, I’ll have a TA. 

And if that person is really really good I could try and push my luck to convert it into a permanent position.

So it was decided then? I’d take the promotion? 

But what would the alternative be? 

Finish up in three months and go job hunting? 


I should probably check my LinkedIn when I get back. That way my decision could be made easily. 

My takeaway is ready and I get back to her loft. 

Willow greets me once again at the door, wow she must be really missing Xav. 

I try to watch something but nothing holds my interest.

I try and do some background search on LinkedIn but I am easily fed up with the procedurality of it all. 

It’s also appalling to see how little they’re willing to pay. 


I get up and head to her room to find Willow. 

And that’s when the box full of letters I had uncovered comes into sight. 

I am tempted to open it and read

But should I?

Would I like it if someone read my diary.. Oh hell no

But if it was Xavia, would I mind?

Before I could answer that question, I spotted a letter.

What do we think?

She’s definitely going to read those letters right? Or she’s going to value her best friend’s privacy?

Let’s see tomorrow!



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