Can you tell I’m hungry?

I could do with some yummy tacos right about now!

Anyway, I know you didn’t come here to read about my love of tacos

So off we go to today’s post

Don’t know what I am talking about?

Then friend, go on, please start at the beginning and tell me what you think!

You have some idea what’s going on but lost context? Then head over here to pick up where you left off!

As usual Valerie’s dialogues are in green and Ellie’s will be in yellow.

Ellie’s precinct wasn’t too far and I get there with 5 minutes to spare. 

My heart is pounding and I’m nervously sweating


Oh cause I am the only one who knows she is “missing”

And even though I know this is the right step, there is no going back after this.

Sure, she may do me a favour and keep things low profile for a while but after a point, it’s going to be everywhere.

But the benefits outweigh the cost, right?

She didn’t say find me. She just said I’m leaving. 

And obviously, this cannot be termed selfish right? I am just worried. No one just up and leaves. 

But what if all of this is just an elaborate way of not wanting me in her life?

Or maybe she’s a secret agent and she leads a double life and that caught up with her and she had to leave. 

“You watch too many movies”, my brain chimed

That is true. But still. 

“Stop stalling and get”, my brain firmly yelled. 


I get out of the car and text her that I am here. 

Minutes later, she comes out to greet me. 

Wow, she hadn’t changed a bit. Sure she’s taller now and walks with more confidence but everything about Ellie, including her wardrobe and her beaming smile, was still very much the same. 

I walked up to her

“Heyy Eleanor. It’s been so very long. I’m sorry that we had to reunite in such circumstances.”

“Hiya Val. Or do you go by Valerie now?” she asked chucklingly.

“Nah. It’s fine. We all got busy. Better late than never right?”

I could only smile and nod.

“Where do we head to lunch?”

“I know this taco place close by, is that okay?”


So we walked to the place, catching up along the way. 

She told me all about her life after school, the police academy, and her move back to town a couple of years ago

It was refreshing to be out and about and talk to someone who knew you, even if it was a long time ago. 

We reached the place before it was my turn to speak. 

It was a small, cute shack and the smell of food wafting toward me seemed absolutely delicious. 

We ordered and sat at the table farthest from the others. I was glad Ellie chose that table, she probably knew I needed that. 

Ugh. Why is it that when you move forward you have to leave even valuable things behind? And why is that natural? 

I told her about my journey after school and how after everything, I ended up back there, teaching. 

She smiles

We get our order then. 

“So tell me, what was so urgent?”

I start off hesitatingly, telling her about how Xavia and I are still close, her bouts with anxiety and depression, about Mr.Mendoa and her troubles at home. 

And just when I have to tell her about the note, I break down.

“I know Ellie that this is completely out of the blue. And that I am just piling on to your already loaded plate. But I don’t know what to do. 

I can’t even ask her parents if they have seen her, cause that will only raise suspicion. I know I can’t keep this from them forever but I don’t think Mr. Mendoa is in the right condition to hear this news. 

And her mom is just going to either make a big deal out of this or disregard it and say, “ Oh this is probably her new normal”.  

“And I don’t want Xavia to face her flak when she’s back. It’ll only widen the gap between them. And that won’t be any good for her. “

“I understand Val. But as you said if things don’t go our way soon, legally we will have to inform her parents. 

“When did you find this note, again?”

“Last evening.”

“Okay, either she left it yesterday morning and then left. Or she’s been gone a while. 

When did you speak to her last?”

“2 days before I had to get to school for my meeting. So last Friday.”

“Okay. So today’s Tuesday. Give me till tomorrow and I will try my best to dig something useful”

I get up to hug her and thank her 

But she interrupts and asks, “I’m assuming she didn’t take her phone or wallet?”

“Nope. Not even her car.”

“Okay makes things a little harder, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you so much Ellie. I really am sorry we didn’t meet in a better situation.”

“Such is life Val. Unfortunately, I got to head back now, I’ll talk to you soon. Try and relax yeah?

“Thanks again, Ellie.”

I sit back down and try and focus on my tacos.

Everything is going to change.


That was a long post

Another week left, and I can’t wait to done!

Happy Weekend!

Dream :))

16 thoughts on “Tacos

  1. “Why is it that when you move forward you have to leave even valuable things behind”? Quite apart from the story overall which has been engrossing, it’s phrases and insights like this that have really pulled me in.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for noticing!
      This year, the reason I chose the theme was so that I could be honest and put so many of my thoughts out in the form of this story!
      Thank you for all your comments! It really does mean a lot to me!!!


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