Hey guys!!!

Okay so in the previous post, I re-introduced a 2020 A-Z character!

And I was particularly happy that I came up with that!

A n y w h o

Here is the list for all the posts in the series!

On to today’s post which is also going to be another explorative medium post!!!! So make sure to read this via my website and not the reader!!!

Now that I had thought of something, it was easier to calm my mind. 

All I had to do now was reach out to Ellie. 

She was not to be found on Instagram, but that was kinda to be expected. She would either have a private account or no account at all. 

Guess, I’d have to go back to where it all started, Facebook. 

There were too many Eleanor Watson’s. 


I’ll have to approach this another way

I search for our alum group and bingo, there she was under the name of Ellie W.

No wonder I couldn’t find her. 

Here’s hoping she remembers me and doesn’t think I am some creep sliding into her messenger 

All I can do now is wait

I try and look at my work mail but that only reminds me I am yet to make a decision. 12 hours ago, the decision was a no-brainer. But right now, If something were to happen to Xavia…

No no… I couldn’t let my mind go there 

I have to distract myself. 

So I clean

I tidy up her kitchen. I finish her laundry.  And just when I am about to vacuum, I hear my phone chime with the facebook alert


I run towards my phone and grab it from the table.

Phew, I’ll take this as my first success! 

I finish up the cleaning. 

Realising I’m messy I go shower again. 

Thankfully, the laundry load is done and my clothes are almost dry!

I dry my shirt out with the hand dryer and wear one of her pants. It is snug but it will have to do as it’s already 11:45. 

I grab Xav’s keys and nervously head off to lunch!

Okay almost another week done!

A last post in this week and we’ll officially be in the last week!

See you tomorrow!


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