Hey guys!

I’m back with the next A-Z post!!!

I know I have been upping the dose on cliff hangers and I hear you.

SO today, there will be no cliffhangers.


(but not really cause it’s sad)

But hey I warned you in my theme reveal, so you can’t really blame me :))))

A n y w h o

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The shock ingrained with pain and mixed with the confusion could only render me speechless. 

Fuck, it even left me thoughtless!

I, an overthinker not thinking my thinking thoughts.



Leaving it seems

I have to sit down. No, I think I need water. 

A good 10 minutes later, my thoughts were more cohesive

But it was still on the lines of-


Leaving where?

Leaving when?

Leaving how?

Leaving why!!!!??

I was obviously not going to get any answers by asking these questions to the empty loft. 

And it was not like Willow could suddenly respond in English and tell me everything I needed to know. 

I have to do something!

But what?

Where do I begin?

“Here, you dummy”, my brain seemed to be awakened from its shock-induced slumber

Yeah, I could do that, thanks brain!

I went back to her bedroom and rummaged around in her purse.

Her house keys, her phone- pinging with my messages, her wallet, all her things were right here!

Heading back out to her shoe cabinet, I opened the drawer on top and her car keys were here too!

What is going on??!

I go back and check her wardrobe. Most of her clothes were still there. It seemed like only a handful were missing, and that could have probably been in the laundry basket. Regardless for now it at least seemed like she had taken her clothes. 

I head back into the study, to try and see if she’s written anything else for me. 

But I already know, deep down that there wouldn’t be. 

I try anyway, hoping to be wrong. 

Alas, I was right, even though I wanted to be wrong.

I sit down in the living room.

What a roller coaster of a day. 

I’m so tired, emotionally and physically. I feel all of my energy has been zapped out of me. 

Sensing my distraught, I feel Willow climbing onto my lap. 

My heart fills with warmth, if only for a second. 

Gently petting her, I sigh and whisper, “What do I do now Willow?”

Yeah, I know it’s lil sad

May I offer you some pictures of Willow?

This is how I imagine her to be!

Isn’t she adorable!!!?

See you tomorrow!

Dream 🙂

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